Think Summit 2024

On June 12th & 13th, the premier digital marketing conference for emerging technology and AI will return to New York City for its seventh year! This two-day event will feature energizing keynotes, inspiring brand presentations, industry-specific strategy sessions, networking opportunities, and more.

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Q1 2024 Product Announcement: Unlock Campaign Potential, Unleash Growth

The Q1 2024 product launch is here! Get a sneak peek at all of our newest innovations, including our latest integration with Adobe Campaign, AI-powered subject lines, AI-guided reporting, and much more.

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A Match Made in the Clouds For Content Personalization Excellence

We are thrilled to unveil our integrations with Salesforce Marketing, Data, and Commerce Clouds, setting a new standard for generative and predictive AI-driven personalization.

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Universal Data Activation Expanded: More Access, Better Experiences

Universal Data Activation allows marketers to access data any time, anywhere. In Movable Ink's latest product release, marketers now have an even greater variety of integrations to choose from to maximize their martech stack.

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Universal Data Activation: Unlock Your Data’s Full Potential

Being a standout brand means far more than just providing the best products or services. To stay a cut above the rest, marketers need to also create 1:1 personalized experiences that remain relevant every time a customer engages. 

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Summer 2023 Product Announcement: Empowering Marketers with AI & Automation

Trends are always evolving. Think of fashion, food, or even TikTok challenges. One thing that’s always in style? Standing out among the crowd.  In Movable Ink’s Summer 2023 Product Announcement, we’re unveiling several features that will empower you to do just that.

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Spring 2023 Product Launch: Elevating The User Experience

It’s time to give your technology solutions a spring refresh. This season, Movable Ink is doing exactly that and elevating user experiences like never before. By bringing key information front and center, minimizing clicks, and saving valuable time, you’ll be able to take your content strategies to the next level...

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Winter 2023 Product Launch: More Channels. More Data. More Automation.

Only two things can happen when you engage with a customer. You either pull them closer, by providing a valuable, hyper-relevant experience that’s completely customized to their needs - or you don’t. And if you don’t, you’re putting your relationships at risk...

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