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Summer 2023 Product Announcement: Empowering Marketers with AI & Automation

Blog title reading, Summer 2023 Product Announcement: Empowering Marketers with AI & Automation
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The Summer 2023 Product Announcement Is Here

Trends are always evolving. Think of fashion, food, or even TikTok challenges. One thing that’s always in style? Standing out among the crowd.  In Movable Ink’s Summer 2023 Product Announcement, we’re unveiling several features that will empower you to do just that.

From harnessing the power of generative AI and automation to experiencing significant efficiency gains, this is news you can’t afford to miss. Read on to hear our top three highlights from this announcement and how you can use them to create personalized experiences that stand out so much, customers are engaged before they even open your message.


Boost Engagement With AI-Powered Subject Lines

Picture of Da Vinci subject line generator.

Half the battle as a marketer is creating compelling content that encourages your audience to interact and eventually convert. The other half? Getting them to actually open your message in the first place. When your customers receive dozens of emails every day, creating tailored subject lines that are designed to resonate with their unique personalities and temperaments will help you stand out from the competition. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Subject Line Generation for Movable Ink Da Vinci! This powerful tool leverages Movable Ink AI’s Generative Model and balances customer-specific information (such as emotions and tones) with your brand guidelines to create a diverse set of subject lines. And in no way are you handing over the complete set of keys to your subject lines. In fact, as the marketer, you have the power to approve, reject, and revise suggested subject lines. 

Every time you use this feature, you are also training the AI model to get even more accurate over time. The end result?

Subject lines that continually improve based on gained customer engagement data (opens, clicks, and conversions) and ultimately drive higher customer lifetime value. 

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Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Creatives

Picture of Da Vinci analyzing an image's metadata

Even with thousands of creative assets available for each email, there isn't always enough information to personalize your content and contextualize messages. Similarly, when you have short-lived content like a limited offer or promotion, there isn’t enough time to train the model to accurately predict how and where it should perform in your campaigns. 

But with Movable Ink AI’s Vision Model, that’s no longer a worry. The Vision Model combines two essential components - Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP) - to provide you with a profound understanding of your creatives, opening the door to new personalization possibilities.

By leveraging deep learning to understand every creative uploaded to the Content Library, Da Vinci can analyze all metadata – elements both seen and unseen – to detect patterns in textual and visual elements, while also understanding the context of each asset. Now, you can identify if creatives are promotional or editorial and score content effectiveness before it's sent out.

Through this process, our Vision Model analyzes and labels creative elements to make more strategic content decisions, which includes unlocking the ability to personalize short-lived content and uncover new combinations of creative assets. In short, the Vision Model helps you fine-tune your marketing strategies and extend personalization capabilities to more of your assets.

Repurpose Top Performing Campaigns

Picture of Da Vinci feature that repurposes best-performing campaigns.

Recreating and reusing your top-performing and commonly used campaigns has never been easier with our new Campaign Templates feature. Create and save templated copies of your favorite campaigns and eliminate the need to start from scratch each time.

In addition to expediting content reuse, Campaign Templates also allows you to maintain organization between original templates and any created copies. This connection enables you to navigate to a unified view so you can understand how related campaigns perform across variations. From there, you can evaluate similarities, make necessary tweaks to optimize performance and drive stronger results going forward.  

For example, you may uncover that one particular variation is performing far better than other variations – perhaps you included different copy or creatives. You can investigate what resonated (or didn’t) and adjust templates accordingly for future deployments. 

There's More to Come

After only a glimpse at a few of the features this product announcement has to offer, it’s clear that marketers using Movable Ink gain a competitive advantage. Stay on the pulse of all of our quarterly announcements, and be among the first to leverage powerful tools like generative AI and automation. 

Want to take a deeper look?

Get a more in-depth look at the Summer 2023 Product Announcement and early access program.

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