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Movable Ink lets email marketers deliver jaw-dropping customer experiences. Our cloud-based software activates any data to generate intelligent content at the moment of open.

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75% lift in social engagement
"Because of positive social media, we plan on continuing the campaign..."
Jennifer Bui, Conversion Email Manager

500+ leading brands worldwide use Movable Ink. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Movable Ink’s platform takes your email performance to the next level

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Delta Lifted Click-Through Rates by 132%

Delta wowed their rewards program members with a hyper-personalized year-in-review campaign.

[Video] What GDPR Means for the American Email Marketer

GDPR impacts e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. That was one of our top takeaways from our recent webinar with BrightWave, BriteVerify, and Red Clover Advisors. Continue reading →


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