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Our Mission: Unique Visual Experiences Anywhere

Movable Ink pioneered the technology behind contextual email marketing back in 2010. Other marketers might call it real-time email or open-time personalization, but it all started with us.

We disrupted the traditional model by detecting customer context, processing millions of data points, and generating 1:1 creative the moment an email is opened.

The crazy part? That was just the beginning.

We soon realized how our technology could empower marketers to create unique visual experiences across email, mobile, and web -- in an instant and in the moments that matter.

Instead of trying to predict what path a consumer will take, Movable Ink lets marketers generate personalized experiences that are consistent, relevant, and on-brand every time a consumer chooses to engage.

Reinventing Personalization for a Visual World

After years of working with the world’s most innovative brands, the Movable Ink team has learned a lot about digital marketing success.

And there’s one thing in particular that stands out above all others...

In today’s era, visual is the language that moves people.

However, most brands rely on simple text-based personalization. That’s because creating unique visuals for every customer at every moment of engagement is hard. And it doesn’t help that existing marketing systems weren’t built for the visual era.

That’s why brands love Movable Ink. Up until now, digital marketers have been presented with a forced choice: Do you market to fewer consumers in order to deliver better experiences? Or do you compromise on experiences to reach more consumers?

The solution is simple: Movable Ink’s visual experience platform.

Movable Ink’s platform helps digital marketing leaders create visual experiences that move people. With Movable Ink, marketers can free their data from silos to generate intelligent creative with millions of unique variations, across multiple channels and billions of moments.

Our Presence

We built Movable Ink in New York City, and we are still headquartered there today. We’re now a global organization, and our 300+ employees serve our 700+ strong client-base from New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Tokyo, and Sydney. We also play well with others. Our extensive partner network is a who’s-who list of marketing clouds, digital marketing agencies, and technology providers.

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