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Movable Ink's Spring 2023 Product Launch: Elevating The User Experience

Betty Seifu

It’s time to give your technology solutions a spring refresh. This season, Movable Ink is doing exactly that and elevating user experiences like never before. By bringing key information front and center, minimizing clicks, and saving valuable time, you’ll be able to take your content strategies to the next level.

While our Spring 2023 Product Launch is full of valuable enhancements, check out the highlights below.

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Streamlined Home Pages

As a marketer, your goal is to design and deliver great customer experiences. But what about you? Just like your customers, you also deserve a great experience from the moment you log in.

That’s why we’ve completely revamped our homepage experience within Movable Ink, providing both new and existing clients with a more intuitive experience when creating content.

First-Time Users

It can be overwhelming for clients when taking on a new technology. To ease those growing pains, new clients are now guided step-by-step during their first campaign creation to ensure success and greatly reduce their time to value. From setting up data sources, to establishing unique customer identifiers, and even creating the content itself, everything you need is now right at your fingertips.

Existing Users

For existing Movable Ink clients who have already mastered these foundational steps, the home page is newly designed to help you work smarter and more efficiently.

From this single view, you can now directly take action on your most common tasks, such as checking on campaign status—both planned and recently launched—grabbing creative tags, editing data sources, and more.

Existing Customer MI Home Page

Actionable Block-Level Performance Insights

Marketers know that not all content blocks are created equal and that some perform better than others within a single campaign. However, uncovering which ones resonate with customers can be challenging when you only have campaign-level insights on hand. It’s a great starting point, but to truly understand what is and isn’t working, you need the whole story.

With the new Block-Level Performance Insights, marketers now have a dedicated UI for analyzing the performance of each content block within a single campaign. By examining the exact number of impressions, clicks, conversions, and revenue each block generated, marketers have the insights they need to quickly change course - like understanding whether a content block should be reused or retired and which parts of their message are making the biggest impact - and can use them to drive better results.

Block Level Performance Insights

Early Access Program

Movable Ink's Block-Level Performance Insights is currently available as part of our Early Access Program. For more information on joining this program, please contact your Movable Ink representative.

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Guided Campaign Workflows

With Movable Ink Da Vinci, marketers have always been able to orchestrate amazing campaigns. But, the speed at which you’re able to deploy sophisticated use cases is what sets you apart from the competition. That’s why we’ve completely revamped the experience for building campaigns in Da Vinci.

Now, every stage - from scheduling and audience selection, to templating and experience design, and even previewing and testing - has been streamlined with automated assistance to alleviate the stress of campaign planning and reduce time-to-market.

There’s no need to worry about compliance slipping through the cracks, either. With Movable Ink Da Vinci’s quality assurance and proofing UI, marketers can ensure their highly sophisticated content is on-brand, and compliant directly within the solution itself.

Guided Campaign Workflow with DV

Get Ready to Elevate

This is only a glimpse at the enhancements included in the Spring 2023 Launch, so be sure to look out for all the other ways we are elevating experiences.

Reach out to your Movable Ink representative today to learn how you can take advantage of these features, and stay tuned for our Summer 2023 Product Launch coming this August.