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Q1 2024 Product Announcement: Unlock Campaign Potential, Unleash Growth

Betty Seifu

Poised to start off Q2 with unparalleled agility, Movable Ink's recent product update is meticulously crafted to arm marketers with the solutions they need to overcome their biggest hurdles and maximize campaign performance. But to do so, common frustrations like inability to activate data, lack of key insights, and manual processes must first be overcome.

Movable Ink’s Q1 2024 Product Announcement is about empowering marketers to solve these challenges and make the most of their campaigns. Through our newest features, marketers can integrate Movable Ink with more leading martech solutions, self-service their unique reporting needs to gain actionable insights, and leverage the power of AI to automatically generate deeply personalized content for customers.

Da Vinci Now Integrates With Adobe Campaign

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A round of applause is in order, because Movable Ink's Da Vinci now integrates with Adobe Campaign, delivering a powerful combination of AI and content automation directly to customers leveraging both solutions.

Da Vinci employs AI to curate personalized messages for each customer, fine-tuning the timing, frequency, and content of every send. What distinguishes Da Vinci is its dynamic adaptability; recognizing that customer tastes and preferences are ever-changing, Da Vinci autonomously conducts experiments to guarantee that the content delivered not only resonates with recipients but also significantly enhances click-through rates, conversions, and revenue generation.

The integration works hand in hand with Adobe's robust sending and trigger capabilities, so marketers don't need to worry about replacing Adobe Campaign to reap Da Vinci’s benefits.

Boost Engagement With AI-Powered Subject Lines

Da Vinci SL Generator Q1 2024

In addition to our latest integration, we’re thrilled to announce that Subject Line Generation and Prediction for Movable Ink Da Vinci is now available for everyone! This powerful solution leverages generative AI and balances customer-specific information—such as tones—with brand guidelines to create a diverse set of subject lines that predict and optimize which subject line goes with each message to maximize performance. Marketers will still hold the keys in this process, as they can approve, reject, and revise suggested subject lines to learn what performs best across audiences.

Each time this feature is used, the AI model is trained and becomes more accurate over time. The end result? Subject lines that continually improve based on gained customer engagement data—such as opens, clicks, and conversions—ultimately driving higher loyalty.

Harness the Power of AI-Guided Reporting

AI-Guided Reporting

For marketers, the job doesn’t end after the campaign is deployed. The other half of the battle is measuring how it performs. However, this can prove to be a challenging task when trying to interpret complex report types, or pinning down which report will reveal critical information.

Our new AI-powered Report Recommender makes accessing insights easier than ever. Simply ask common reporting questions like, "What’s my best-performing Movable Ink content block?" or “Which content block generates the most revenue?” From there, the Report Recommender surfaces the most relevant data and report type for you.

Create Powerful Data Visualizations

Data Visualizations Graph

The ability to generate reports is table stakes. Instead, Analytics Explorer goes a step further, allowing you the flexibility to customize reports based on your specific criteria and inputs. When every organization has its own unique objectives, sometimes the only solution is making a custom report.

With the Analytics Explorer, marketers can construct custom report views tailored to their unique needs and preferences, and conveniently save them for future reference.

The Analytics Explorer Is Now Available for Early Access

Ready to get started? Contact the team to join our early access program today.

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With these new advancements in integrations, content generation, user experience, and workflow efficiency, Movable Ink Studio and Da Vinci are more streamlined and powerful than ever.

Ready to take the next step? Get in touch with the Movable Ink team today to explore the benefits these features can offer you.