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An Interview with Vivek Sharma – CEO of Movable Ink IdeaMensch - Feb 19, 2015

"The biggest advice I’d give is to make sure that you’re 100 percent aligned with your co-founder on how far you are committed. Also, be brutally honest with yourself about what’s working and what’s not, and iterate fast. Don’t lie to yourself because the market will expose you."

What's Hot in Email Marketing? Direct Marketing News - Oct 28, 2014

"Imagine what you would do if you could target, segment, and adapt every email to every recipient when they open a message. Finally, there is real innovation happening in email marketing and one of the biggest breakthroughs real-time responsive content—has given email marketers the ability to select and optimize the content of every message at the moment it’s opened instead of locking it in before an email is sent."

The Top One Hundred Startups in Manhattan Symmetry50 - Oct 15, 2014

"#34 MOVABLE INK: Movable Ink is a revolution in email marketing. They make campaigns relevant to each recipient's current time, location, device - even the weather."

Mail Broken: New York's Movable Ink is transforming the typical email marketing blast Wakefield - Oct 15, 2014

"New York’s Movable Ink takes static email marketing and transforms it into dynamic, personalized content, working with companies like Comedy Central, EA, and Sony."

Two-click email pay system set to go viral Albuquerque Journal - Aug 25, 2014

"That could significantly influence consumers, given that an estimated 4.7 billion email offers are delivered in the U.S. every day, and 70 percent of those are opened on mobile devices, according to data from industry consultants Movable Ink and Knotice."

65% of Email is Now Mobile According To @SendGrid SYS-CON Media - Oct 07, 2014

"According to data from the U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report from Movable Ink, 65% of email is now being accessed via mobile devices in the US. As a result, email is becoming an important tool for customer engagement via mobile devices."

Movable Ink Joins Epsilon's Agile Email Movement DM News - Jul 31, 2014

"Epsilon, whose Agility Harmony solution provides email marketers with advanced segmentation and dynamic content options, announced it will partner with Movable Ink."

The best US digital marketing statistics of the week Econsultancy - May 16, 2014

"A mobile and email festival this week in the US, with stats on devices, retargeting, content consumption and even some TV thrown in."

Tablet Usage Is on a Serious Upswing DM News - May 12, 2014

"New research says that 18.5% of all marketing emails were opened on a tablet in Q1 2014. That's up more than 5% since just nine months ago."

Mobile Devices Drive 66 Percent Of Email Opens — Report MarketingLand - May 09, 2014

"According to Movable Ink’s Q1 2014 US Consumer Device Preference Report email opens continue to migrate away from the desktop, which now represents a minority of all email opens. In addition, the tablet share of email opens continues to grow."

6 Mobile Marketing Must-Have's DM News - Apr 21, 2014

"As mobile technology and communication continues to mature, marketers sometimes struggle to keep pace with today's savvy, agile consumer... If the ever-increasing email open rates on mobile are any indication, there's never been a more critical time to optimize mobile marketing efforts."

Are Your Click-to-Open Rates On The Decline? MediaPost - Apr 23, 2014

"According to the Movable Ink Q4 US Consumer Device Preference report, 65% of email was opened either on a smartphone or tablet. (A trend that continues to climb.) However, many brands are not seeing a proportionate increase in click-through activity on those devices. This is largely because the email experience is not optimal for the devices. "

Mobile Users Are Fascinated By Offers: 50% Open Promotional E-Mails! DazeInfo - Apr 16, 2014

"Apple users are more attracted towards promotional e-mails than Android users in the United states... Movable ink evaluated customer interaction with brand e-mails, by observing the type of device used to view e-mails, the time spent in reading them and device popularity by state."

Agile creative: the future of email? Econsultancy - May 06, 2014

"Agile email creative means creating and curating email content not before send, or at send (with automated or dynamic content) but at the moment the customer opens or re-opens an email."

Re-energising your inbox JB Blog - Apr 09, 2014

"Movable Ink, based in New York, are single handedly offering the tools to break the constraints of the current email marketing landscape and are giving marketers the ability to offer, dynamic, modern and engaging content right into the consumers’ inbox."

Optimization Solutions for Gmail's Grid View Website Magazine - Apr 07, 2014

"If the President's team doesn't know how to optimize emails for Gmail's new grid view, what chance do the rest of us have? A pretty good one, thanks to a new options from Movable Ink. "

Email Marketing in the Age of Gmail: How to Make It Work BusinessNewsDaily - Apr 08, 2014

"Movable Ink recently released its agileEMAIL service, which aims to boost open rates on grid view."

Email Design and Platform Trends MarketingProfs - Mar 24, 2014

"Other popular active features include responsive mobile design (33% have used), Movable Ink (27%), video (26%), and horizontal or multi-directional scroll (26%)."

Movable Ink Launches agileEMAIL, A Platform For Email Marketing TechCrunch - Mar 10, 2014

"Movable Ink has been trying to improve marketing emails with real-time content, and now it’s launching a broader platform called agileEMAIL."

Mark his words -- predictions in mobile technology Houston Business Journal - Feb 12, 2014

"'Texas tops the leaderboard when it comes to email opens on a smartphone,' said Movable Ink's CEO Vivek Sharma. "

These Are The 10 Coolest New York Enterprise Startups Right Now Business Insider - Feb 06, 2014

"Movable Ink helps companies send emails to customers based on all kinds of really specific things: location, time, device."

Which Devices Are B2C Marketing Emails Opened On? Marketing Profs - Feb 04, 2014

"Nearly two-thirds (65%) of B2C marketing emails were opened on either a smartphone or a tablet in 4Q13, up from 61% in 3Q13, according to recent data from Movable Ink."

Nearly 65% of e-mails in the U.S. are opened on mobile devices Internet Retailer - Jan 23, 2014

"'Now, more than ever, mobile optimization is critical for e-mail marketers,' says Vivek Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Movable Ink. 'Ensuring every message renders properly and is designed with mobile in mind is just the first step.'"

Report: Marketing Emails Opened On Mobile Devices Jumped 61% To 65% In Q4 2013 Marketing Land - Jan 23, 2014

"When looking at marketing emails open rates across the US, Movable Ink tracked a steady decline in desktop use, with six states reporting heavy desktop use during the second quarter of 2013 to no states showing heavy desktop use by the fourth quarter of the year."

65% of all email gets opened first on a mobile device — and that’s great news for marketers VentureBeat - Jan 22, 2014

"According to data from the US Consumer Device Preference Report: Q4 2013 from Movable Ink, way more than half of all email — a full 65 percent — is now being accessed via mobile devices in the U.S."

10 Email Marketing Musts Direct Marketing News - Dec 30, 2013

"'Email on the mobile phone is not at all the same as it is on the desktop in terms of how likely a consumer is to respond to it.'"

Gmail Shows Images By Default InformationWeek - Dec 12, 2013

"Email marketing firm Movable Ink noticed the changes to the way Gmail handles images last week and analyzed the effect of the changes on email recipients. The firm said in a blog post on Tuesday that somewhere between 2% and 5% of the typical business-to-consumer email marketer's subscriber list will be affected by the changes."

Did Google Just Gift Email Marketers Another Lump of Coal? AdAge - Dec 13, 2013

"Email marketing vendor Movable Ink said the image-loading change began rolling out late last week and has taken an early look at its impact."

One Email That Packs the Punch of Three Direct Marketing News - Dec 09, 2013

"Which is why Best of the Best teamed up with agile email marketing company Movable Ink to launch the 'Hold onto this email' campaign, an initiative that flips the script on the conventional wisdom that an email message has to be at the top of the inbox to make an impact."

Listen Up Email Marketers: With 38% More Email Opens, Black Friday “Officially” Your Biggest Day Of The Year Marketing Land - Dec 05, 2013

"Email marketing firm Movable Ink has released new data around this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday email consumption, revealing 38 percent more email opens occurred on Black Friday compared to Cyber Monday’s email open rates."

Email Marketing: How to Make Your Business Buzzworthy Fox Business - Dec 04, 2013

"'Dollar for dollar, out of all of the digital channels available to retailers, email simply performs the best,' Sharma said. 'It is incredibly effective.'"

RadioShack's Holiday Emails Will Change in Real Time Adweek - Nov 27, 2013

"The electronics retailer will use Movable Ink's technology that allows marketers to set time parameters on emails, so the content changes according to what time of day they are opened."

A Look at the Next Generation of Email Marketing Bloomberg - Nov 22, 2013

"Movable Ink CEO Vivek Sharma discusses digital consumerism with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's 'Bloomberg West.'"

Studies Predict A Mobile 2013 Shopping Season Forbes - Nov 14, 2013

"When looking to reach these mobile consumers, e-mail marketing firm, Movable Ink, conducted a study to see which platform was used by the most responsive consumers."

Not all Mobile Emails Are Created Equal Direct Marketing News - Nov 05, 2013

"Smartphones and tablets accounted for 61% of marketing emails opens this past quarter while desktop made up 39%, according to the “U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report: Q3 2013” by email marketing technology provider Movable Ink. "

Report: Mobile Email Consumption Continues To Surge With 61% Of Brand Emails Viewed On Smartphones & Tablets Marketing Land - Nov 01, 2013

"A new report from email marketing provider Movable Ink revealed more brand emails are opened on mobile devices versus desktops, with 61 percent of email opens happening on a smartphone or tablet."

Send Those Branded Emails To Apple Devices MediaPost - Oct 31, 2013

"The firm's U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report says consumers are 15 times more likely to open brand emails on an iPad than on an Android tablet."

Apple iPhones, iPads Opened 50 Percent of Q3 Emails: Report eWEEK - Oct 31, 2013

"A new study from email marketing technology provider Movable Ink found that during the last quarter, nearly 40 percent of emails were opened on a desktop, while 50 percent were opened on an Apple smartphone or tablet, and just 10 percent were opened on an Android smartphone or tablet."

61% of Email Opens Take Place on Phone or Tablet: Movable Ink MediaPost - Oct 30, 2013

"Consumers are 15 times more likely to open brand emails on an iPad than on an Android tablet, according to a new report from email services provider Movable Ink."

33 Great Apps And Tools For Marketing Professionals Forbes - Oct 09, 2013

"Movable Ink: Send email newsletters that include dynamic content."

Why Your Email Marketing Campaign Should Focus On Mobile First Forbes - Sep 20, 2013

"The bigger finding in the Movable Ink report is that 62% of e-mails were opened on mobile devices, which includes smartphones (48.07%) and tablets (13.79%), while desktops accounted for only 38%. Again, demonstrating the proliferation of mobile e-mail penetration."

How Do Consumers Feel About Gmail Tabs? ClickZ - Sep 10, 2013

"'For most consumers, this is a welcome change,' says Movable Ink VP of Marketing Jordan Cohen. 'That's my takeaway from listening to multiple social channels.' Several studies corroborate Cohen's opinion."

Google did for junk mail what TiVo did for ads MarketWatch - Aug 20, 2013

"'People who liked marketing mail still like it and will still find it.'"

Apple mobile devices log email open advantage BtoB Online - Aug 19, 2013

"According to Movable's 'U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report, Q2 2013,' Apple's iPhone accounted for 38.5% of email opens in the second quarter of the year."

Did the Gmail Tabbed Inbox Reinvent Email Marketing? Chief Marketer - Aug 19, 2013

"Gmail’s changes will reinvent email as an agile marketing channel, with content personalized to each recipient regardless of when, where, or which devices they are using to interact with it."

Did Google’s New Inbox Just Kill Email Marketing? MarketingProfs - Aug 16, 2013

"The emphasis on timeliness in email marketing is not new, but the technology to swap out content at the moment of each recipient’s open is. With agile email marketing technology, content within emails can be dynamically changed based on when, where, and how recipients open and interact with messages."

Movable Ink: Real-Time, Personalized and Tested Email Marketing The Marketing Technology Blog - Aug 16, 2013

"With Movable Ink’s platform, email becomes agile and responsive in real-time. Their Agile Email Marketing platform gives you the ability to dynamically change messages in the inbox after they’ve already been sent, maximizing relevancy, engagement, and the return on investment."

How Long do Mobile Owners Spend Reading the B2C Emails They Open? MarketingCharts - Aug 16, 2013

"Movable Ink has released a 'Q2 2013 US Consumer Device Preferences Report' examining the devices consumers are using to read their emails."

Are You a Subscription Email Offender? Inc. - Aug 15, 2013

"Jordan Cohen, vice president of marketing for Movable Ink, says unsubscribing should take 'as few clicks as possible,' since you're paying to send those e-mails."

re: Email Opens—iPhone Eats Android's Lunch Direct Marketing News - Aug 14, 2013

"According to research released by email marketing technology company Movable Ink examining U.S. consumer device preference, 38.5% of the total number of email opens in Q2 2013 happened on an iPhone, compared to just 9.3% on Android phones."

Gmail's Redesign Not the End of Email Marketing AdAge - Aug 10, 2013

"Companies like Movable Ink specialize in changing the body of an email based on when and where it was opened. If the sale is over, it could swap out the message with one promoting clearance items."

What Gmail’s New Tabbed Inbox Means for Email Marketers and How They Must Respond DM Confidential - Aug 07, 2013

"Email marketers will have to evolve and get more creative about sending email campaigns that people proactively look for in their inboxes, and ‘the survival of the fittest’ will separate tomorrow’s email marketing winners from the losers."

4 Cool Tech Startups That Promise to Tame Your Inbox BusinessBee - Aug 05, 2013

"Movable Ink promises the unthinkable: an email that never goes stale, is always timely and forever relevant. It is email marketing at its best, and it could very well be the future of email."

Coping With The New Gmail Inbox MediaPost - Jul 24, 2013

"By dynamically swapping out email content at the moment of each recipient’s open, marketers can ensure that their consumers see alternate offers when One Day Only sales pass their customers by, and see new, available inventory when originally promoted inventory sells out."

Gmail Inbox revamp spells trouble for time-sensitive mobile offers Mobile Marketer - Jul 23, 2013

"Using Movable Ink’s technology, marketers can still send a message about a limited-time offer and dynamically swap out the message for anyone missing it with a new message explaining that the offer has expired and including details about another item that is on sale."

Is Gmail's New Inbox an Email Marketing Killer? eContent - Jul 19, 2013

"'While it's still too early to assess the impact of being placed in the Promotions folder on open rates, what is almost certain to change is when consumers open marketers' emails,' says Jordan Cohen, vice president of marketing at Movable Ink."

Movable Ink Taps Jason Valdina as VP of Product MediaPost - Jul 09, 2013

"Movable Ink, an email marketing tech company, today announced the appointment of Jason Valdina as vice president of product."

A Zone Offense Raises E-mail Click-Through Rates for Finish Line Internet Retailer - Jun 20, 2013

"Movable Ink pays for itself several times over each month."

How to Break Into Ad Tech - Jun 21, 2013

"You have to be very adaptable, personalized, and engage with your customers on a one-to-one basis."

Startups Bring Big-Data Spin to Ads - Jun 13, 2013

"Vivek Sharma's company, Movable Ink, allows advertisers to send emails with content that will change, based on when the consumer opens the email, or where the person is shopping. "

Gmail's New Inbox! OMG! This Changes Everything!... Yawn The Magill Report - Jun 04, 2013

"If it does become the case that they’re dealing with their primary inbox and going to their promotional messages at a later time, it does heighten the importance of having emails that adapt to the predicament"

Funded in the Alley– Vivek Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder of Movable Ink AlleyWatch - May 15, 2013

"After a year-long search we found a formula that worked (right product + customer acquisition channel + right positioning) and our growth began to take off."

Magic Email Startup Movable Ink Raises $11 Million After Growing Revenue From $2,000 To Multiple Millions Business Insider - May 08, 2013

"If you look beyond the over-hyped, revenue-less startups in New York, you'll find other entrepreneurs who are quiet and heads-down, creating real businesses. One of those entrepreneurs is Vivek Sharma. After a year of tremendous growth, investors have rewarded his company, Movable Ink, handsomely with an $11 million Series B round led by Intel Capital."

Movable Ink Gets $11 Million Series B Led By Intel Capital For Real-Time Email Marketing Tech TechCrunch - May 08, 2013

"The funding, which serves as Movable Ink’s Series B, was led by Intel Capital with the participation of previous investors Contour Venture Partners, Metamorphic Ventures, ff Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. This round was significantly more sizable than the $1.3 million Series A it launched with back in 2011, bringing Movable Ink’s total VC investment to $12.3 million."

Movable Ink goes big on “live” email marketing with $11 million Series B PandoDaily - May 08, 2013

"...the company’s sales have continued to climb, adding 60 large enterprise clients in 2012 and growing bookings by 100 percent for the last five consecutive quarters."

Shock Study Reveals 69 Percent Email Opens On Mobile The Magill Report - Apr 23, 2013

"Almost 70 percent of emails in a March study of big-brand, business-to-consumer messages were opened on smart phones or tablets, according to just-released figures by Movable Ink. Close to 60 percent of big-brand emails were opened on smart phones, according to Movable Ink."

Movable Ink Appoints Industry Expert Matthew Potter as VP of UK and EMEA San Francisco Chronicle - Apr 22, 2013

"Movable Ink, the leading provider of Agile Email Marketing technology, today announced that industry expert Matthew Potter has joined the company as its Vice President of UK and EMEA. Based in London, Potter is charged with leading Movable Ink’s growth in the region through strategic sales, partnership, and customer success initiatives."

The Future of the New Inbox ClickZ - Apr 18, 2013

"New email-focused business models lead to where email is going. The daily deal companies have generated further awareness for email's clout, but companies like LiveIntent, Movable Ink, Only Influencers, and dozens of hyper-focused agencies have emerged to capitalize on email's staying power as the stickiest of all web apps..."

Digital's Next Wave: Hyper-Personalization Women's Wear Daily - Apr 15, 2013

"Movable Ink, a real-time marketing company, delivers personalized experiences via e-mail and has worked with companies like American Eagle Outfitters, Bonobos, Finish Line and Lilly Pulitzer."

Video in Email, Take Three MediaPost - Mar 20, 2013

"Over the last year, we have seen video in email make a comeback in a major way, with brands like Sony, Foot Locker (all clients) and many others producing elegant examples. What’s making today’s video-emails possible? The answer is HTML5, and the massive popularity of the email clients that support it."

Aussie marketers ‘wasting’ email medium with one in five emails going missing Mumbrella - Feb 27, 2013

"... technologies such as movable ink which updates after the email is sent or critical email messaging will change the way the medium is used."

Coming to an Inbox Near You! Inbox Warriors - Feb 06, 2013

"HTML5 has changed email marketing forever! Bold statement but let’s take a look at the evidence and let you decide for yourself... let’s look at a few examples from Movable Ink which highlight the possibilities."

New Trends and New Norms in 2013 MediaPost - Jan 16, 2013

"Another game-changing email experience shift will come from the increasingly intelligent, increasingly automated content engines that match individual user behavior and device-specific data with relevant offers and communication. Companies like Moveable Ink are using what they learn about subscribers – what they’ve responded to, where they are, what kind of devices they’re using – to create truly personalized email experiences."

Realizing Agile Email Marketing: The Future of Video, Content, and Context ClickZ - Jan 28, 2013

"In this column, I will dive deeper into that trend and highlight what Movable Ink refers to as "agile email marketing." Agile email marketing is different than the current waterfall process of email marketing campaign production... The agile approach is centered around the subscriber including up-to-the-minute contextual information, such as their location, time of day, and device. "

Email Marketing Will Never Die So We May As Well Make it Smarter PandoDaily - Jan 08, 2013

"[Movable Ink] has grown 219 percent in bookings quarter-to-quarter, going from from 37 million emails at the end of 2011 to more than 1.4 billion in 2012, adding 60 large enterprise clients including American Eagle Outfitters, Disney, Express, Finish Line, and General Motors."

Bonobos shows the power of integrating social and email eConsultancy - Dec 12, 2012

"Most email marketers don't get email-social integration, and most of them approach it backwards. You'll see little blue Twitter birds and Facebook icons in email templates but this is the extent of their insertion of "real-time" content. It then becomes a send and hope moment as marketers pray recipients will re-post their commercial email offers onto their own Facebook and Twitter pages."

New Technology Offers Glimpses Into Future of the Inbox MediaPost - Oct 24, 2012

"The inbox of the future is a consumer’s dream -- and also a marketer’s... there are specific, technical innovations -- some already in use -- that promise to revolutionize the inbox and make consumers fall in love with email all over again."

Category winners of Electric Ireland Spark of Genius Competition announced Business & Leadership - Oct 18, 2012

"The four category winners have been announced in the Electric Ireland Spark of Genius Competition taking place as part of the Web Summit. Tjobs SA, Movable Ink, Ovelin and Social Fortress were presented with trophies on the main stage at 9am as recognition for being the leaders in their respective categories - Mobile, Social, Consumer and Enterprise. "

Taking Your Email on the Road ClickZ - Oct 16, 2012

"Email is an integral and important channel to most every marketer's communication mix. It's an effective, relevant, and timely way to message to customers far and wide - and since its mass marketing application took off 15-ish years ago, not too much has changed. Some of the lack of innovation here is due to the limitations put on the capabilities of the email itself by the inbox provider, and some of it is a lack of motivation by the marketer to change it. After all, if it ain't broke…"

More New Metrics You'll Be Using In 2013 MediaPost - Oct 02, 2012

"In a recent article, my fellow MediaPost Email Insider columnist George Bilbrey took a look into the future of email marketing analytics and described three new metrics that he thinks practitioners will use in 2013. While I agree that a sea change in email measurement is coming, I believe there are far more than three new metrics that marketers will find invaluable in the months ahead. "

Mobile Email Marketing: 50% more app downloads from device-targeted ads MarketingSherpa - Sep 18, 2012

"A team of consumer marketers increased orders 90% by targeting custom banner ads by mobile platform. The article walks you through a test that proves mobile subscribers are not all the same. "

Give 2012 Holiday Sales a Boost With Real-Time Email Target Marketing Magazine - Sep 17, 2012

"By taking advantage of recent advances in email marketing technology, you can optimize email content in real-time, at the moment when messages are opened based on each recipient's time, location and device. "

Go Mobile, Or Go Home MediaPost - Sep 10, 2012

"Live content is the most elegant and effective approach, as long as marketers have the ability to create different content for different devices, and are concerned with creating the most engaging multiplatform email experiences for recipients."

Responsive Design for Mobile Email: Ooh! Shiny! - Sep 17, 2012

"The shiniest object worthy of the email marketer’s affections is live content which has more technological power behind it than responsive design for email."

Improve With Simple Innovations Forrester Research - Aug 08, 2012

"By deploying content that renders at the time of open, applying device detection, and using in-email ad sales, you can improve email campaign performance and catalyze innovation in other interactive channels."

Consumer Email Behavior: The Impact of Relevance and Frequency ClickZ - Aug 13, 2012

"Firms such as... Movable Ink offer innovative solutions to improve content targeting that easily work with any email marketing solution."

Michael Nutt of Movable Ink is helping make e-mail more current The Huntsville Times - Aug 07, 2012

"Now, he's in New York City as the co-founder of a company that does work with some big-name businesses: Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, American Eagle Outfitters and Verizon, among them. But years ago, Michael Nutt was living in Huntsville, dreaming of the day he could capitalize on his lifelong interest in computers."

10 Email Extras You Should Be Using for Increased Productivity Mashable - Aug 02, 2012

"MovableInk lets users make the most of their messages by including personalized live, moving aspects. Business clients can include countdown timers, local maps and live tweets. Email content will change depending on the user's location, current time and social context."

Consumer Email Behavior: Using Images in Email Marketing ClickZ - Jul 30, 2012

"Vendors such as Movable Ink provide an easy-to-use technology that is ESP-agnostic to insert dynamic images that can change and expire content after the email has been sent."

Jordan Cohen Joins Movable Ink The Magill Report - Jul 17, 2012

"Email marketing veteran Jordan Cohen has signed on as vice president of marketing for dynamic content enabler Movable Ink."

A Tool Belt For Today's Email Marketers MediaPost - Jul 03, 2012

"Movable Ink apps turn our emails into containers for live content. When an email is opened, Moveable Ink serves live content based on current time, recipients’ locations, social context, and your business rules. This is really changing the email game!"

Movable Ink Serves Live Content in Your Email Mashable - Mar 02, 2012

"Movable ink is an application system that allows you to insert “containers” of live content into your email. You could, for instance, place a countdown timer that notifies recipients how many hours are left before a special offer expires, or how much time is left before your New Year’s Eve bash starts."

Experian CheetahMail links up with Movable Ink Internet Retailer - May 10, 2012

"Marketers can insert dynamic, streaming content, such as countdown timers for limited-time sales promotions, into the body of e-mails through a new joint venture by e-mail services provider Experian CheetahMail and Movable Ink, a provider of technology designed to make e-mail content as interactive as a web page."

Experian CheetahMail announces agreement with Movable Ink DM News - May 03, 2012

"Experian CheetahMail announced May 3 that it has entered into a preferred agreement with Movable Ink, an email application designed to allow marketers to stream email content in real time."

Movable Ink: A Fresh Approach to E-mail Marketing Inc - Dec 01, 2011

"Looking for ways to stand out in a sea of e-mail promotions? A Web-based service called Movable Ink offers several apps that can jazz up e-mails with real-time content. "

Movable Ink breathes life into email GigaOM - Sep 09, 2011

"While the web is interactive and dynamic, e-mail reflects very little of that evolution. But Movable Ink, a New York start-up, is trying to breathe new life into e-mail marketing by making e-mails real-time and context aware, creating messages that don’t go stale. "

Movable Ink raises $1.3 million for real-time email marketing GigaOM - Oct 13, 2011

"Movable Ink, a company I profiled last month, has raised $1.3 million for its real-time email marketing platform and is launching a new app gallery for customers."

Movable Ink launches Apps for Email with $1.3 million in funding The Next Web - Oct 13, 2011

"The under the radar startup turns your email into a marketing platform that personalizes live content to the recipient's location, current time and social context."

Real-Time Email Startup Movable Ink Raises $1.3M AdWeek - Oct 13, 2011

"Even though they're part of a hot startup sector, daily deal sites often rely on a fairly old-fashioned way to reach their readers-email newsletters."

Movable Ink, A Startup That Magically Updates Content In Sent Emails, Just Raised $1.3 Million Business Insider - Oct 13, 2011

"Movable Ink has been called the Harry Potter of email. It inserts snippets of code into an email's html that makes the content come to life and update in real time."

Movable Ink Launches Service To Stream Live Content In Emails TechCrunch - Nov 10, 2011

"Today, the startup is taking this technology a step further with the launch of the Movable Ink Streaming Server, a service that allows businesses to stream live content into emails while they are open."

12 Tech Startups To Watch, For SMBs Information Week - Nov 09, 2011

"The Movable Ink platform enables online marketers to address a growing challenge: How to keep email communications from aging exponentially from the first second they're sent."

Interactive Email: 6 tactics to leverage the influence of social reinforcement MarketingSherpa - Nov 01, 2011

"As social media grows in popularity and effectiveness, some are predicting the demise of email marketing. But, why kill a channel with two billion regular users?"

The Complete 2011 Silicon Alley 100 List Business Insider - Oct 13, 2011

"We've created the Silicon Alley 100 to celebrate people doing the coolest things in New York in 2011."

Media Mixers: Schmoozing With LeadsCon VIPs Adotas - Aug 24, 2011

"I fall into conversation with LeadsCon speaker Vivek Sharma, CEO and cofounder of the buzz-worthy Movable Ink. His company has developed real-time dynamic content capabilities for email, including post-send updating."

Emerging Innovations in Email Marketing Forrester - Aug 19, 2011

"By refreshing content in real-time upon open, marketers can avoid presenting stale content or expired deals."

What You Missed at General Assembly Betabeat, 2011 - May 10, 2011

"Imagine daily deal emails that tick down time left, update as your friends buy the deal, and switch out photos based on real-time analytics of what content is most likely to produce clicks."

34 New APIs Programmable Web - Aug 07, 2011

"Movable Ink is a service that allows regular emails to contain live, updating information from the web."

Competition Provides Free Web Tools to Nonprofit The Chronicle of Philantropy - Jul 27, 2011

"Developers are clearly interested in donating their time to good causes, and it's just a matter of making it easy to contribute and coordinating events," said Mr. Nutt in an e-mail. "Also, having Stephen Colbert award the trophy doesn't hurt."

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