Better Together: Movable Ink and Salesforce

Our newest integrations with Salesforce's Marketing, Data, and Commerce Clouds make it easier than ever to transform data into personalized content that drives revenue. Explore how to meet your audience's needs and interests while greatly reducing manual work.
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Metaverse Post: Movable Ink Launches Universal Data Activation for AI-driven Content Hyper-Personalization

VentureBeat: Movable Ink unveils new AI-powered tool for more efficient personalized marketing emails

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Mediapost: Ulta Beauty Pulls Higher Conversion Rate With Less Manual Effort In Campaign

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Brand Assets

Download all of Movable Ink's brand assets, including leadership bio's and headshots, brand logos, color guides, and more

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Client Awards

Movable Ink’s clients have been recognized by awards programs around the world for innovations in digital marketing and personalization. We are honored to join them in the spotlight and power their cutting-edge campaigns

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Metaverse Post: Movable Ink Unveils Salesforce Integration for Generative and Predictive Content Personalization

Built In: A Look at 7 Stand Out Tech Companies’ Unique Cultures and Missions

CMSWire: The Impact of Google’s Third-Party Cookie Deprecation

Mediapost: Good AI, Bad AI: Reaching Out To An Audience Of One

QSR Magazine: Understanding AI’s Role in Quick-Service Evolution

Unite.AI: Interview Series - Vivek Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder of Movable Ink

Digiday: OpenAI’s upheaval raises new questions about the industry’s generative AI players

Mediapost: AI Sketch: B2C Brands See Benefits - And Ethical Concerns

Business Mondays: How AI Is Revolutionizing Retail Marketing

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