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Universal Data Activation Expanded: More Access, Better Experiences

Betty Seifu

As marketers, we can feel like a unique kind of a composer. Every day, we orchestrate hundreds of campaigns across a myriad of channels, all with the same objective: to deliver a meaningful experience for each and every customer. However in the same way that many composers struggle to write a complicated symphony, marketers are challenged in delivering a harmonious marketing experience. When data integration is a meticulous task, generating personalized content that customers want to open and engage with feels unreachable.

That’s why Movable Ink’s final 2023 Product Announcement is all about making it easier for you to tap into more data. See how you can now spend less time getting campaigns up and running and focus more on bringing innovative use cases to market faster with the highlight video below!

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Extending Our Universal Data Activation Capabilities

We’ve launched Universal Data Activation to empower you to access, activate, and transform all the data stored across your enterprise into hyper-personalized content for email and mobile channels - unveiling integrations with Adobe, Braze, and Segment.

This quarter, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding those capabilities with new integrations into Oracle, Airship, Tealium, mParticle, Branch, and Amplitude.  

With these partnerships you can:

  • Improve Targeting Logic: Refine the criteria used to determine which creative variation each customer should see by leveraging new data sources.
  • Expand 1:1 Content Personalization: Incorporate more data elements when designing your layered composite images in Movable Ink Studio.
  • Simplify Implementation: With just a few simple configuration steps and no data modification required, Movable Ink can automatically map your data upon ingestion. The bonus is that you can now accomplish it all yourself! No need to involve IT or development resources.

Harness Every Data Point

Read the Universal Data Activation eBook for a rundown of our newest capabilities.

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Incorporate All Types of Data

As your digital ecosystem expands, so does the influx of data, which is why it's important to capture and target all types of data. Now, with our new integrations with Criteo, Klaviyo, and Punchh, transferring customer loyalty data, product information, and engagement details to Movable Ink is seamless. Once there, this data is converted into captivating and dynamic visual experiences.

  • Unlock New Revenue Streams with Criteo: Seamlessly transfer sponsored products from Criteo to Movable Ink Studio where they can be activated into personalized content for email and mobile.
  • Automate Personalization with Klaviyo: Harness the power of Klaviyo Flows to feed real-time interaction data to Movable Ink to automatically be transformed into personalized content.
  • Drive Customer Loyalty with Punchh: Incorporate customer loyalty data stored in Punchh into your dynamic content generated by Movable Ink Studio.

One Customer, Countless Conversations

With a wealth of new data at your disposal through our new integrations, the personalization possibilities are endless. For instance, you can combine behavioral insights (e.g., browsing patterns and purchase history) from your CDP with loyalty data from another source to offer tailored product recommendations to each customer.

UDA Loyalty Example

In doing so, you can not only target customers with a selection of products that align with their preferences but also acknowledge their valued loyalty. It's this level of nuanced personalization that sets the stage for truly impactful customer experiences.

Want to take a closer look?

Take a deep dive into Universal Data Activation's expanded capabilities and new integrations.

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Regardless of where your data lives, Movable Ink makes it easy for you to tap into it and give your content the truly personalized elements it needs to stand out from the competition. Check out the Movable Ink Exchange to learn how you can take advantage of these integrations.