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Movable Ink

A Match Made in the Clouds For Content Personalization Excellence

Title design reading: A Match Made in the Clouds For Content Personalization Excellence
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Over 40% of marketers find that personalizing communications, interactions, and experiences is their biggest challenge. The root of the problem? By far, the most prevalent answer is navigating the integrations between new and existing solutions.

This is why we are thrilled to unveil our integrations with Salesforce Marketing, Data, and Commerce Clouds, setting a new standard for generative and predictive AI-driven personalization. With these integrations, marketers can leverage the strengths of both Movable Ink’s automated and AI-powered personalization solutions, Studio and Da Vinci, and Salesforce’s extensive ecosystem of data, analytics and delivery resources. 

In the new integration with Movable Ink Studio, marketers can activate data from any Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Data Cloud, or Commerce Cloud into dynamic, real-time content for any channel or campaign. This dynamic personalized content can then be placed in Salesforce Marketing Cloud templates without leaving the Salesforce interface. Designing personalized composite images has never been easier.

Movable Ink Da Vinci’s integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud takes personalization to new heights. Marketers can create and deploy highly tailored emails for each customer by harnessing Movable Ink’s AI models utilizing methods like deep learning and predictive, generative, and computer vision AI. The winning combination of Movable Ink and Salesforce ensures that not only is every interaction deeply personalized, it contributes to building long-term customer loyalty, revenue, and engagement lift.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With the Movable Ink App Exchange package for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can directly access your Movable Ink Studio content within Marketing Cloud's Content Builder. Simply drag and drop content from Movable Ink Studio into your content builder messages using the integration. This feature lets you work comfortably within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud interface while still harnessing the power of Movable Ink Studio’s real-time, dynamic content, allowing you to knock out campaign creation quickly.

MCP gif

Movable Ink Studio also integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization and makes product recommendations more effective by enhancing them with additional data elements— such as live pricing, ratings and reviews, or real-time inventory—to create the most relevant and up-to-date experiences for your customers.

Studio’s integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud also enables you to automatically access your Salesforce Loyalty Management data when creating content. Easily transform loyalty data into personalized composite images without the need for complex, manual ampscript coding. Capture customer attention and encourage them to take action with engaging content that reflects their most up-to-date rewards status.

da vindi logo small

Da Vinci, Movable Ink’s AI platform, is fully integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to optimize the entire email experience, including the hero image, subject line, and frequency of communications. Da Vinci uses an ensemble approach of more than 10 AI models that helps Marketing Cloud customers drive revenue and engagement lift across the whole email file for both short- and long-term gains. Use Da Vinci to “awaken”’ disengaged email subscribers, guide customers down a path of discovery, streamline your campaign workflow, and gain valuable content insights from a continuous feedback loop.

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With Movable Ink and Salesforce

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The Movable Ink Studio and Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration allows retailers to pull in real-time product information that can be featured within the image when creating email and mobile content. Commerce Cloud data can also be combined with additional data points from any number of sources, such as third-party ratings and reviews, when designing content in Studio.

Not only is product information incorporated for higher engagement, the content updates at the moment customers open the message–rather than at send time—making content as relevant as possible.

Nespresso - shows number of reviews, average star rating, and a customer testimonial of the product in real-time.

Salesforce Data Cloud

With the Movable Ink Studio and Salesforce Data Cloud integration you can now stream any customer event - such as an app download, credit card sign-up, subscription status, and more to generate personalized content. Automatically map and transform each data point to the correct field by using Movable Ink’s Customer Data API, without relying on IT or needing to modify your data setup/schema.

Effortlessly incorporate customer events into content or use them to inform your targeting rules. This feature opens up endless personalization opportunities, taking your email and mobile marketing to the next level. Create reusable content banners and tailor them to drive specific customer actions, which can be anything you define, whether that’s onboarding or subscription sign-up completions.

Data Cloud Gif

Better Together: Movable Ink and Saleforce

Discover everything the new integrations offer in the guide.


Transform Your Marketing Approach and Take a Leap Forward in Personalized Marketing

  • Enhance your Salesforce investments by integrating with our latest solutions, enabling personalized, real-time content generation across email and mobile.

  • Leverage Movable Ink Da Vinci’s AI—optimized for click, conversion, and revenue lift—to get more value from your email list.

  • Eliminate tedious campaign and creative work by bidding farewell to manual tasks like AMPscript coding, maintaining campaign calendars, and creating content variations.

This partnership marks a shift in personalized marketing. By integrating the strengths of Salesforce and Movable Ink, we’re streamlining processes and accelerating automated content personalization. Embrace the future of marketing with Movable Ink and Salesforce–where personalization meets innovation.

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