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Universal Data Activation: Unlock Your Data’s Full Potential

Betty Seifu

Being a standout brand means far more than just providing the best products or services. To stay a cut above the rest, marketers need to also create 1:1 personalized experiences that remain relevant every time a customer engages.

The world's leading brands are already delivering on this. The good news is, you have the data to do it too.

The bad news? Transforming data into personalized content poses some challenges:

  • Data lives across a number of solutions: The average MarTech stack has 18 different data sources.
  • Integrating new data sources requires IT: 70% of data integration projects still require IT involvement.
  • Not all data is readily accessible: Only 13% of marketers say that real-time data is readily accessible for them to use in content personalization.

Movable Ink’s Universal Data Activation capabilities empower you to tap into all the data stored across your enterprise to generate hyper-personalized content for both email and mobile channels. When these additional data sources are accessible, you can automatically generate unlimited variations of relevant, personalized content that results in more clicks, conversions, and revenue.

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Access Data From Any Source

To connect your data sources, you need easy access to it. With Universal Data Activation, you can stream any element of data— such as behavioral, product, or transactional—from any source, like your CDP, website, Mobile App, or ESP.

We offer a variety of ways to accomplish this by connecting..

  • Any data from any source with the Customer Data API: Define and track any behavioral event (recent searches, purchases, earned loyalty points, booked flights, videos watched, etc.) across email and mobile. From there, you can leverage that data when defining targeting logic and creating content.
  • Website data with the Behavioral Tracking Script: By placing a Javascript tag on your website, Movable Ink natively tracks and stores customer activity from your website such as purchases, cart activity, and more.
  • Mobile app data with the Mobile SDK: Automatically map, store, and use in-app behavioral events such as purchases, searches, abandoned items, and more. This data can then power personalized content in any mobile or email campaign.  
  • Data from APIs: Ensure that you’re always displaying real-time information for pricing, inventory, and product images.
  • CSV Files: For data that doesn’t change frequently—such as store information, product details—you can upload CSV files directly into Movable Ink. We can also pull a file(s) from an SFTP server location at a scheduled interval.

With all of this additional data at your disposal, you can add new layers of personalization into your content and unlock new, sophisticated use cases. Any relevant event that aligns with your unique business needs can be used to target your customers, like those who have recently downloaded your mobile app, have signed up for your credit card, or haven’t used their loyalty points in some time.

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Unlock Your Data's True Potential

Read the Universal Data Activation eBook today for a full picture of our newest capabilities.

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Activate Data Without IT

Typically, the next logical thought that comes to mind when bringing together all your data sources is, “This is going to be a lot of work.” However, with Movable Ink it’s very simple. While most personalization solutions require you to set up new data feeds and modify schemas to meet their specifications, Movable Ink automatically maps and transforms each data point to the correct field.  

Once that data is successfully mapped in Movable Ink, you can leverage it in two key ways. The first is to refine your targeting logic (the business rules that control which content blocks should or shouldn’t be displayed based on your criteria). For example, you can display different variations of content based on any combination of contextual data (such as location, weather, or time zone) and behavioral data (such as last purchase, last active, or abandoned items).

The second way you can use this data is when designing the content itself using our no-code, marketer-friendly Designer. You can combine multiple data points within a single image, and those data elements can work together to make decisions and adapt accordingly. For example, you can drive urgency by displaying real-time pricing and inventory based on a customer’s recent searches or abandoned items, re-engage at-risk subscribers with personalized content recommendations, and even generate year-in-review campaigns displaying each customer’s annual consumption statistics.

By leveraging automated, unlimited personalized content variations, there is no need for manual modification. This allows you to not only avoid a complex integration process, but also saves precious time to drive higher quality content to market faster.

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Integrate Your Martech Ecosystem

One of the biggest pains of adopting new technologies is the potential disruption to your daily workflow and wasting time navigating from one solution to another. However, Movable Ink helps you avoid that hurdle and maximize your existing MarTech investments by seamlessly integrating into your existing stack. We offer an array of out-of-the-box integrations into popular solutions - including Braze, Adobe Experience Manager, Twilio Segment, and more - that make transferring data from those systems into Movable Ink faster and easier than ever.

Get the Movable Ink Advantage

Your ability to activate data directly affects your ability to give your customers the experiences they expect and demand from you. Movable Ink’s Universal Data Activation capabilities help you overcome any barriers standing in your way. This is just a glimpse into how we can help you bring powerful experiences to life.

We’d love to share the full picture, so please reach out to your Movable Ink representative for more information and check out our Universal Data Activation eBook to see how our clients use these capabilities to reduce time-to-market, lift conversions, and increase revenue.