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Movable Ink’s Winter 2023 Product Launch: More Channels. More Data. More Automation.

Betty Seifu

Only two things can happen when you engage with a customer. You either pull them closer, by providing a valuable, hyper-relevant experience that’s completely customized to their needs - or you don’t. And if you don’t, you’re putting your relationships at risk.

According to PWC, 32% of consumers will leave a brand they “love” after just one bad experience. And that number jumps to 92% after two or three negative interactions.

With that much on the line, you can’t afford to get it wrong. In today’s world, you need to engage each customer on their terms, meeting them wherever they are with tailored, 1:1 experiences. And that is what our Winter 2023 Product Launch is all about - giving you new omni-channel personalization capabilities you need to give your customers the experiences they deserve.

While there are a lot of enhancements to talk about, here are my three favorites.

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More Channels: Introducing Movable Ink for SMS

Today’s customers crave more direct and personalized communication with their favorite brands, on their favorite channels. In fact, 91% are open to receiving text messages, and 48% prefer it over any other channel.

But given the options at their disposal, marketers continue to struggle to realize its full potential.

Traditional SMS solutions, while cost-effective, are only able to “personalize content” at the segment level and do not support the visual content consumers demand today. In a world where messages that include images convert at a 39% higher rate, text only solutions no longer cut it.

Image of an SMS message

MMS solutions appear to solve the problem - allowing users to include multimedia - but come with their own set of issues. Sending an MMS is typically 2-5x more expensive than an SMS and still requires users to hardcode pre-determined experiences for broad-based segments prior to send - making it difficult to prove ROI and justify the additional expense.

MMS example

Movable Ink gives marketers the best of both worlds - improving MMS performance while reducing the cost to that of SMS. Rather than having to send costly MMS messages that can only display static, one-size-fits-all images chosen at send-time, brands can now use Movable Ink to create more meaningful interactions with every customer by injecting 1:1 personalized creative into every SMS message they send.

SMS link preview

Each time a customer taps to load a link preview, Movable Ink automatically assembles a unique composite image - just for them - that combines, transforms, and activates content and data from any source. Every interaction becomes more relevant because Movable Ink makes decisions in the moment of render, ensuring that every message a customer sees is perfectly aligned with their current context.

With this approach, marketers can increase revenue, decrease costs, and deepen customer relationships with a highly qualified audience - and they have. During our Beta Program, on average, our clients saw a 7.5% increase in click-through rate, a 17% increase in conversion rate, and a 14% increase in average order value - while also reducing opt-outs by more than 5%.

More Data: Introducing Movable Ink’s Customer Data API

Your ability to successfully capture, analyze, and transform customer data into unique experiences is your competitive advantage. According to Mckinsey, companies that leverage data-backed personalization can see revenues increase by more than 400% vs organizations that struggle to activate their data investments.

Data-activated content has long been at the core of Movable Ink - and now with our Customer Data API activating consumer data has become even easier. Our Customer Data API provides an out-of-the-box solution that allows you to connect to data from any source  - from Customer Data Platforms, to Data Warehouses, to homegrown solutions and beyond.

From there, you can automatically incorporate these new data elements to power your 1:1 personalization efforts, such as including how many customers have viewed a given product, creating individualized product recommendations based on search activity, or creating a business rule to exclude content based on previous purchases.

Early Access Program

Movable Ink’s Customer Data API is currently available as part of our Early Access Program. For more information on joining this program, please contact your Movable Ink representative.

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More Automation: Introducing Movable Ink Da Vinci Auto-Scheduling

Time is money. Now more so than ever. And when it takes an average of 10.6 hours per campaign to code recommendations, add supporting data logic, and review the results, any minute you can save is precious.

That’s why we’re introducing Auto-Scheduling for Movable Ink Da Vinci. With Auto-Scheduling enabled, you’re now able to automate the previously manual steps of processing customer data and scheduling campaign deployments in your ESP.  Not only does this ensure you’re leveraging the most up-to-date information, but it also drastically reduces the time and effort needed to bring a campaign to market.

Time to Get Started

Whether you’re a long time client, just getting started, or have yet to join the Movable Ink family, this release can help you unlock a tremendous amount of value for your business. Reach out to your Movable Ink representative to learn how you can take advantage of these features today, and stay tuned for our Spring 2023 Product Launch coming this May.