Why Brands and Customers Love the ‘Subscription Economy’

Once upon a time, the word “subscription” was only associated with magazines and newspapers. But things are different now.

Today, we can subscribe for razor blades, dinner ingredients, makeup, movies, neckties, software, music, and…well, the entire list would probably take up the rest of this post.

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Movable Ink + Operation Backpack

Those back-to-school ads seem to start earlier each year. But for thousands of NYC students, the back to school season shopping season is a source of anxiety for reasons other than being reminded of summer vacation’s end. This month we’re partnering with Operation Backpack to raise money and collect school supplies so children in NYC’s homeless shelters can start off their academic year on a good note. Continue reading

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Campaigns with Social Proof

Humans love validation. We’re influenced by people like us. Customers follow the crowd when they see other people take an interest in a product or service. But when it comes to buying a product or service online, the vetting process is a little more difficult. Your options are to take a leap of faith or to rely on researched opinions before you make your final decision, and that’s where social proof comes into play.

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