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Movable Ink for Mobile

Transform your customer experience with real-time, data-driven, personalization across all mobile touchpoints – without ever coding a thing.

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Today’s mobile-first customers expect more direct and personalized communications than ever before. But, delivering on that promise is impossible when you’re forced to rely on segments, static content, and send-time “personalization”.

To build real relationships you need a different approach. With Movable Ink you’ll scale 1:1 personalization across all your mobile touchpoints - automatically transforming data into customized creative for each customer, in real-time and without code.

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Maximize ROI. Decrease time-to-market.
Unify experiences across channels.

Rich Push Notifications

Segment-based, batch and blast experiences no longer get the job done. Elevate your push program and increase customer engagement with real-time, one-to-one content personalization.
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Rich Push

Why Mobile Marketing is Critical to Every Brand's Omni-Channel Success

Mobile marketing is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s an expectation. When used in tandem with a strong marketing strategy, brands can harness mobile communications to accelerate valuable customer experiences. ...

The Kick-Start Guide to Mobile App Personalization

Mobile is crucial for every brand, but some marketers hesitate before taking the plunge into a new channel. But with the right personalization tools, brands can easily repurpose an existing digital strategy and create a tailored mobile app.
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Mobile Marketing to Customers on the Brink of Loyalty

In this eBook, learn how brands can deploy mobile personalization to reach consumers that have shown interest in the brand but are still in the awareness phase of the customer journey, or may have fallen out of the funnel altogether....

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Activate your data into personalized content in any customer engagement. Get a demo to see why the world’s most innovative brands rely on Movable Ink to drive customer engagement and accelerate their marketing performance.

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