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Creating Data-Driven Marketing in a Privacy-First World

It’s a privacy-first world and customers keep their data close, but the age of personalization is far from over. In this guide, learn not only how to navigate tighter data policies, but how to leverage them for truly data-driven marketing.

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Amplifying the Customer Voice with User-Generated Content

Customers trust customers. For marketers to build brand loyalty and gain that valuable trust, they need to amplify the good things customers are already saying in a visually engaging, personalized, and data-driven way.

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True, Cohesive Personalization: What’s Possible with Braze and Movable Ink

For sophisticated personalized marketing that improves outcomes, use Movable Ink together with Braze to deliver 1:1 tailored omni-channel campaigns.

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The Definitive Guide to Data Personalization: How to Build a Customer-Centric Brand

Gone are the days of relying on generalized statistics and educated guesses. The key to customer-centric marketing lies in data personalization. Discover how your brand can harness customer data to generate unforgettable campaigns.
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How Email Automation and Personalization Help Marketers Perfect Their Campaigns

Customers want personalization, but scaling 1:1 messaging can prove to be a challenge for brands. Automation is the key to unlocking sustainable, effective personalization. With this dynamic duo, tailored messaging is a snap.

What is Data Driven Marketing?

Data-driven marketing is backed up by the numbers, and the time is now for marketers to implement it. Discover how your brand can optimize customer data to its fullest potential to generate the campaigns that engage your customers.

How MessageGears and Movable Ink Are Solving the Data Friction Problem

MessageGears is a Movable Ink partner that gives marketers direct access to their data, wherever it lives, allowing the world’s biggest brands to deliver timely, personalized campaigns that speak directly to customers.

Data Determined: The Key to Mastering Sophisticated Marketing Campaigns

A sophisticated marketing strategy involves personalization at every phase of the customer journey — and success is found within the data. Discover how to use APIs and zero- and first-party data in tandem to truly captivate an audience. ...

Zero- And First-Party Data: The Key to Accurate Customer Targeting

The use of zero- and first-party data is essential to creating a successful brand-customer relationship. Wondering how to activate this data? In this blog, discover effective ways to implement them into your next campaigns. ...

How API Integrations Benefit Omni-Channel Personalization

With the help of APIs, brands can deliver a consistent omni-channel experience to customers with ease. From the inbox to mobile messaging, APIs bring personalized, visualized storytelling to the forefront of a successful marketing strategy.

How Brands Use Automation to Scale Email Personalization Strategy

Nothing is better than creating valuable, result-driven content that can be transformed into endless variations without the manual work. It’s the age of marketing automation and AI powered personalization has never been easier. ...

Data Management is the Key to Powerful Customer Engagement

The Braze 2022 Global Customer Engagement Review digs deep into what’s working and what’s not in the world of marketing personalization. The number one challenge for marketers to achieve this personalization? Managing their data.


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