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Available 2023

Da Vinci by Movable Ink

Digital marketing that puts people first

Da Vinci is an AI-powered marketing personalization engine that optimizes each interaction to increase revenue, loyalty, and lifetime value.

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Personalization That Adapts To Your Customers

Da Vinci uses AI to create an individualized, not just segmented, approach to email marketing.

Optimized for the Entire Customer Relationship

Da Vinci anticipates not only what a customer will likely want to purchase next, but also guides each customer to new products and categories they will love.

In Q1 2022, the average revenue lift achieved across all Da Vinci customers was 25%.

Transparency and Control

Da Vinci delivers actionable insights aligned with brand rules, giving teams visibility into what creatives drives the best results for each individual customer.

Marketers and creative teams can harness the power of AI while still maintaining control.

Generate thousands of personalized, curated emails

Da Vinci empowers marketers to scale their 1:1 communications with a personalized email path that fits customers’ ever-evolving needs.

Create more loyal customers all while saving hours of production time.

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  • Optimize for Higher Customer Lifetime Value
  • Balance Marketing Priorities with the Customer’s Desires
  • Protect Margins and Reducing Reliance on Discounting
  • Improve Efficiency & Streamline Email Operations
  • Inform Creative Strategies With Content Performance Insights

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