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Movable Ink

Movable Ink Da Vinci

Movable Ink Da Vinci is an AI-first content personalization solution. It leverages the power of deep learning, predictive, and generative AI to craft highly personalized email customer experiences.

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How it works?

Here's How Da Vinci Works



Movable Ink Da Vinci utilizes an AI-driven approach that curates unique content for every customer in every email. Unlike other solutions that just reinforces what customers  already know and like, Da Vinci aims to guide customers through the product catalogue based on each customer’s unique tastes, preferences, and attributes.

It’s like having a personal shopper in every inbox.  But Da Vinci doesn’t stop there. Da Vinci also optimizes the email experience for every customer by using AI-generated and predicted subject lines, and AI-optimized send time and frequency to send emails when and how often customers prefer. Best of all, Da Vinci integrates with your existing email marketing solutions.

Take An Ensemble Model Approach To Email Marketing

Movable Ink Da Vinci’s ensemble model approach uses over 10 AI models that work in concert. The models use cutting-edge techniques like deep learning, generative, and predictive AI. Best of all, the models are always learning what works and doesn’t work, so that they generate lift in clicks, conversion, and revenue every time. 

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One Send. Infinite Experiences.

Movable Ink Da Vinci revolutionizes the email marketing process with AI. Say goodbye to out-dated campaign calendars, biased segmentation, and manual content creation processes. Da Vinci’s capabilities enable a new approach to email marketing.

A New Marketing Workflow

Movable Ink Da Vinci revolutionizes the way that marketers work. Forget the tedious tasks of creating campaign briefs, wrestling rigid marketing calendars, or manually curating content and building emails. Da Vinci curates email content based on your existing creative assets and sends emails as often as customers want to see it. No more, no less. With Da Vinci as your co-pilot, you can now focus on strategic marketing initiatives

AI Optimized for Lift

With Movable Ink Da Vinci, you’re creating personalized journeys for each customer, driving lift in clicks, conversion and revenue. Da Vinci does this via AI for content decisioning, subject line generation, and more. The secret sauce? Our AI uses multi objective optimization. That means that Da Vinci’s selects content for each customer based on your multiple business objectives - even if they sometimes may be in conflict with one another. This includes optimizing for short term term lift, long-term lift, average order values, and more

Provide Next-Level Insights

Movable Ink Da Vinci’s reporting gives marketers new insights into their email program. Not only can marketers see how AI-driven emails have performed against non-AI driven emails (spoiler alert- AI wins 99% of the time!), but marketers gain access to Da Vinci’s creative effectiveness reports. These reports show which creative assets are driving the best results so that teams can have tangible data to understand what creative is resonating, and adjust creative strategies accordingly.

The Marketer and the Machine

Download The Marketer and the Machine for a comprehensive guide that reveals how to unlearn and rethink your current email strategy with AI. ...

Lands’ End Uses AI to Spearhead the Future of Marketing Personalization With Movable Ink

Customer-centricity is in Lands’ End’s DNA. That’s why the iconic brand chose Movable Ink's Da Vinci, an AI-powered marketing personalization engine, to reshape their email program with a truly human-centered marketing approach.
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AI for Marketing: Fostering Customers That Last

AI powered personalization is the key to exciting customers about multiple product categories, creating strong and lasting loyalty. Learn how you can use this tool to foster the best customers possible and increase overall lifetime value.
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