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Movable Ink Da Vinci

Movable Ink Da Vinci is a marketing AI solution that helps brands take a fundamentally different approach to email by understanding individual
customer needs and maximizing lifetime value.

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Solution Overview

Movable Ink Da Vinci uses AI-based models that learn and adapt from every interaction. It’s then able to match the right content to the right customer, generating a fully personalized email for every subscriber. It integrates with your ESP and uses the data sources from your existing tech stack.

Unlike other AI models that reinforce what customers already like, Movable Ink Da Vinci guides customers down a unique path of discovery that maximizes both short and long-term revenue gains. It doesn't just focus on the next conversion. Instead, it pursues a relationship-building strategy that creates a better customer experience, builds loyalty, and leads to higher lifetime value.

A Marketer's Guide To Every Customer

Movable Ink Da Vinci connects each customer to the products they love,
helps them discover new categories, and uniquely maps content to an individual’s taste,
creating the optimal customer experience without compromising on revenue.



Guide Customer Discovery

Instead of reinforcing what customers already like, Da Vinci encourages them to explore and discover new categories and products to help you grow your best customer channel.

Achieve Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Da Vinci allows companies to strike a balance between immediate conversions and maximizing revenue from each customer over time.

Simplify Marketing Workflow

Get valuable time back to focus on strategic work by streamlining the traditional email planning process without replacing your existing technology.

Reduce Reliance On Discounting

Rather than over-relying on promotions, Da Vinci helps curate editorial content that’s designed to serve messages to the customers  most likely to engage with it.

Employ More Effective Creative Strategies

Da Vinci determines which assets drive the best results for each individual customer. Teams have the data to understand what creative resonates and adjust creative strategies accordingly. 

Are you getting the results you want from your email program?

It’s time to say goodbye to legacy processes and hello to a fundamentally different approach to email marketing with Movable Ink’s Da Vinci AI.

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