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Super Bowl Marketing Hall of Fame: Most Memorable Campaigns

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Whether you were glued to the game, reliving 2000s nostalgia with Usher, or eagerly anticipating Taylor Swift cameos, the event had a little something for everyone—especially for marketers.

This year, marketers really stepped up their game. They tapped into the latest AI trends, teamed up in strategic partnerships, and used real-time data in new ways. The result? Marketing that caught our attention and made a lasting impression.

Join us as we dive into the most unforgettable Super Bowl marketing moments—from eye-catching commercials that lit up our screens to impactful emails that landed in our inboxes.

AI goes mainstream

The development of AI has left no industry untouched, cementing its status not merely as a fleeting trend but as a cornerstone of mainstream marketing. This shift is highlighted by everything from the latest Minions movie, which humorously critiques AI-generated images cluttering the internet, to Microsoft's latest consumer-focused AI application, Copilot. Such developments underscore the permanence of AI in the digital landscape and how marketers will need to prioritize new AI-powered personalization strategies to stay ahead.

Power partnerships rule the screen

Every Super Bowl brings its unique blend of excitement, not just through the game itself but through the innovative commercials that often steal the show. These ads are a testament to the power of partnership, where big brands and celebrities come together to create memorable moments that resonate with audiences worldwide.

  • GM and Netflix drive the future: GM and Netflix are electrifying the future of entertainment, integrating electric vehicles (EVs) across all of Netflix's movies and TV shows, demonstrating their commitment to weaving eco-friendly alternatives into the fabric of pop culture.

  • Verizon and Beyonce announce new music: In a striking collaboration, Verizon leverages Beyoncé's iconic reputation for "breaking the internet" to prove the power of its internet services, proudly declaring them as unbreakable. This partnership reaches a crescendo with Verizon announcing Beyoncé's new music release, ingeniously tying the reveal to the climax of their commercial.

  • DunKings reign supreme: Dunkin' Donuts brings a fresh spin to advertising by transforming Boston's own Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady into a boyband, "Dunkings." Hailed as the best commercial of the night, it's a playful nod to celebrity endorsements, proving that humor and local pride can make a lasting, emotional impression.

Marketers master data precision for personalization in the inbox

While Super Bowl commercials were just as entertaining as Usher’s halftime show, buzz began well before the kickoff, with marketers deploying ingenious data-driven strategies to amplify anticipation. Dive into our curated selection of standout email campaigns that paved the way to the Super Bowl, masterfully driving engagement and inspiring action.


ESPN knows how to score with fans on game day like no other with a Super Bowl edition of their weekly newsletter, tailor-made to each recipient from top to bottom. The campaign dynamically customizes content, including the "Game of the Day" and "ESPN BET" sections, to match each subscriber's preferred team. To stoke further excitement, real-time news, video, and social media content blocks automatically refreshed at the time of open to ensure the information was as current as possible.

Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle's email campaign, released in anticipation of the Super Bowl, aimed to boost customer involvement by urging them to place bets and select their preferred teams. The campaign distinguished itself by using a countdown timer, live odds via a custom app, and interactive polling, crafting a compelling and interactive subscriber experience without relying on conventional excitement-building tactics.


Tabcorp joined in on the Super Bowl hype with a gamified email experience that got customers engaged and amped for Sunday. The email initially grabbed attention with a personalized banner pulling in each recipient’s first name alongside Super Bowl imagery. As the reader scrolls down, live odds are displayed to build excitement for each team. To top it off, a live poll urged each person to vote for who they think will be named the Super Bowl’s MVP, featuring notable players like 49ers' Brock Purdy and the Chief’s Patrick Mahomes.

This year's Super Bowl went beyond just sports, showcasing amazing marketing moves with AI-powered ads, cool brand partnerships, and personalized online campaigns. Combining technology, creativity, and teamwork is the key to winning over audiences in 2024. It's time to get inspired by these highlights and aim for new levels of engaging and unforgettable content for your brand. 

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