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Boost Mobile Sales: 3 Expert Tactics for Converting Browsers into Buyers

Chelsea Wilhelm

Retailers miss out on $260 billion every year because most online shoppers don't finish their purchases. This is especially true in mobile shopping, where the cart abandonment rate is a whopping 69.02%. It's a big problem: it means that only three out of every ten customers who add items to their carts end up buying them.

To turn the tides, you need to improve how you connect with customers who are already interested and step up your abandoned cart approach so it leverages your first-party data to the fullest. In this blog, you'll learn three powerful tactics to turn fleeting customers into loyalists, helping you drive more revenue through enhanced mobile messaging.

The SDK advantage

Tailoring content to align with consumer behavior is every marketer's goal. This requires a deep understanding of each customer’s journey and their changing preferences across various channels, particularly on mobile.

Implementing the right Software Development Kit (SDK) is a critical first step. This enables you to seamlessly capture behavioral events directly from mobile devices and leverage your first-party data in a personalized, one-to-one manner. Gone are the days of relying on complex coding or external APIs for sophisticated behavioral messaging. With the right SDK, marketers can swiftly create targeted content that resonates with consumers by focusing on high-value actions like recent and most-viewed items or categories, recent searches and purchases, abandoned carts, and more.

Enhance existing abandonment triggers

Many brands, including yours, may already employ automated cart abandonment triggers through email or mobile platforms. But instead of sending a uniform message to all your customers within a segment, consider a strategic approach. Pull data from any source like your website, a CSV, or API-powered products to generate highly personalized, up-to-date creatives that display through rich push notifications, in-app messages, mobile inboxes, and SMS link previews.

Take, for instance, how HSN significantly improves their cart abandonment strategy by leveraging a custom API to display product images, descriptions, and pricing tailored to the items customers recently left in their carts. This method enhances user engagement and boosts direct opens, ultimately driving the effectiveness of abandonment recovery efforts.

In addition to providing basic product information, marketers can use real-time data like current inventory levels or recent price reductions to create a sense of urgency and prompt immediate purchases. For instance, as demonstrated by Inkredible Retail on the left, an SMS alert informs customers that the new summer products are selling rapidly, urging them to act quickly to secure one of the remaining 25 items before they sell out.

On the flip side, the next example shows how an ordinary abandoned cart notification can be transformed by incorporating real-time price updates. This alert notifies customers that prices have dropped, signaling an opportune moment to finalize their purchase.

Boost engagement with behavioral based offers

Research shows that half of all consumers seek discounts that resonate with their needs before making purchase decisions. So why limit abandoned cart messaging to just mere triggers or reminders?

Marketers can enhance their broad-based promotional campaigns—like Black Friday or yearly sales—by integrating behavioral data. This strategy transforms a standard message into a personalized, one-to-one consumer experience.

Consider the example of a retailer who skillfully personalizes the main image of a major promotional campaign by featuring an item a customer recently viewed or left in their cart. This approach extends the personalized touch beyond typical trigger notifications, directly engaging the customer in a more meaningful and tailored way.

Amplify cart conversions using Social Proof

Sometimes, customers need a little extra nudge to make a purchase. Incorporating social proof into your abandoned cart messages can serve as that push. By showcasing how many customers are currently purchasing or browsing a specific item, brands can effectively utilize their first-party data in new, creative ways to convert hesitant shoppers.

Inkredible Retail effectively showcases its most popular products in each collection. They use creative variations tailored for both men and women, and include a feature that displays social proof counts on products that have received at least 1,000 views in the past week. This tactic effectively reminds customers of items they've considered before and reinforces product appeal by displaying popularity metrics.

During key sales periods such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM), effectively employing social proof can help distinguish your brand. Boost your promotional strategy by showcasing live, animated viewer counts from your sale page, or products to display across in-app messages, fostering a sense of urgency. Additionally, you can further amplify engagement and streamline the shopping experience by delivering personalized content and tailored calls-to-action based on recent browsing behavior.

Let's get started

By harnessing behavioral content gathered by Movable Ink’s SDK and strategic marketing techniques, businesses can swiftly convert abandoned carts into sales, acting at the speed of market demands. Harness real-time data and personalized messaging to enhance the mobile shopping experience and foster lasting customer engagement.

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