Movable Ink AI Suite

Movable Ink AI is a unified suite of marketing AI models that optimize every customer experience for increased lifetime value. The ensemble approach to content personalization leverages machine learning, deep learning, and generative AI to analyze each customer, and individualize every experience.

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Movable Ink’s advanced marketing AI models help personalize every aspect of the customer experience. Our four AI models cover a range of capabilities from computer vision to natural language processing, and work together to personalize every aspect of the customer experience.

Movable Ink's AI was designed to support marketers in their day-to-day workflows, from insight to execution, and is already used by leading marketing teams today at brands like L.L.Bean, Lands' End, and Bloomingdale’s.

Movable Ink's campaign calendar

Prediction Model

The Movable Ink Prediction model analyzes customer behaviors, preferences, and campaign data to predict and automate messages end-to-end—from applying the ideal messaging frequency for each customer, to selecting creative, and specifying send-time—to maximize engagement for each individual.

Vision Model

The Movable Ink Vision model leverages computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) to detect, classify, and tag various visual and text elements from content. By uncovering content performance patterns, marketers can better understand what creative elements resonate and adjust strategies accordingly.

Generation Model

Movable Ink’s Generation Model leverages GPT to help marketers create and scale subject lines that align with existing content—increasing the likelihood of customers opening their emails. Use subject lines that aren’t clickbait, but understand the motivation, intent, and tone that best resonates with each individual customer.

Insights Model

Movable Ink’s Insights model identifies each individual’s ideal product discovery path, then builds a unique profile for every customer based on evolving tastes and engagement data. This model balances each customer’s short- and long-term goals and provides the right mix of promotional and editorial content.