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Year-in-Review Campaigns to Drive Lasting Retention

Blog title reading, Year-in-Review Campaigns to Drive Lasting Retention
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The Top Year-in-Reviews of 2023

Ever since Spotify debuted its Movable Ink-powered Wrapped campaign, year-in-reviews have been a pillar in marketing calendars. But whether it’s a clever marketing campaign or a trending TikTok sound, innovation undoubtedly creates countless iterations of the same idea—creating a lot of noise and making it a whole lot harder to stand out. 

Yet despite the slew of year-in-reviews that now hit customers' inboxes, these six brands have poured out their creativity to generate truly outstanding campaigns. Grab your notebooks, marketers. If you want to create unique review experiences that customers look forward to at the end of the week, month, or year, you need to check out these incredible campaigns.

Audible’s Omni-Channel Prowess

Audible, the leading creator and provider of premium audio storytelling, heard what their subscribers wanted in a year-in-review and they delivered. Using an omni-channel approach, Audible sent a series of personalized push notifications that led up to a satisfying stats wrap-up. To finish off the series, they sent an engagement-driving message that encouraged listeners to start off their year with more captivating stories.

The first four days of the push notification series displayed a sneak peek of customers’ stats—such as top genres, favorite authors, most active month, or total minutes listened for the year—and each notification gave them the option to save and share their successes.

Once the full year-in-review launched in their inbox and on their mobile device, customers got the option to explore and share their entire wrap-up. To finish off the campaign, the final notification highlighted customers' current listen and how much time they had left in the audiobook before finishing their first story of 2024.

Semrush's Personalized "Playlist"

Year-in-review campaigns are for marketers, too! Semrush, a SaaS platform that helps marketers stay on top of their digital presence and website traffic, sent an insightful “playlist of success” to sum up business performance. 

Using Movable Ink’s data activation and visualization, Semrush highlights four high-level stats for marketers: keywords tracked, projects completed, favorite tool to use, and the month they were the most active on the platform.

YIR campaign from Semrush

To end off the campaign on a sweet note, marketers had the option to share their impressive numbers to colleagues on LinkedIn, spreading the Semrush word. As an added incentive, posting included them in a sweepstakes to win some Semrush swag.

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Dunkin’s Year-in-Review Extravaganza

Dunkin’ summed up a delicious year for their loyalty members in one of the most comprehensive year-in-review emails yet. Here, Elizabeth’s most notable milestones are highlighted using data visualization: total points earned and number of rewards redeemed, most common order, most visited store location, and favorite new item. In the block underneath, Dunkin’ made a play on resolution season by encouraging customers to aim for a higher member threshold in the new year.

YIR Campaign from Dunkin'

While year-in-reviews traditionally reinforce brand value and customer loyalty, Dunkin’ took the campaign a step further. The email also included a “How Do You Dunkin’?” block that gave customers a reading based on their activity with the brand—similar to a personality test, but with donuts and coffee orders as the questions. A “Battle of the Beverages” poll was another engagement-driver that collected valuable zero-party data to set up the food and bev brand up for success in 2024. 

To finish off the email, Dunkin’ included social media highlights from their rewards members, a summary of their charity work with Joy in Childhood, and a special points offer to wrap up 2023!

Southwest Airlines’ Loyalty Love

Southwest Airlines loves commending customers on their progress, and this heartfelt year-in-review campaign was the perfect way to do it. In their Rapid Rewards Review, Southwest used data visualization to highlight fliers’ most notable stats: how long the customer had been a loyalty member, the number of times they flew, and the amount of points they earned.

YIR email from Southwest Airlines

StoneX’s Data-Driven Outlook

StoneX secured an in-depth outlook for their customers to begin the 2024 financial year strong. With the power of data visualization, the brand was able to generate informative, digestible summaries of the past year. 

For each customer, StoneX identified their most and least profitable markets, top traded market, and busiest trading day. Most traded asset classes were visualized using a pie chart for quick comprehension, and clients who only had one asset traded were supplied with a fallback variation. Top traded markets and most active months were displayed using bar graphs to clients up-to-date on their progress.

YIR Campaigns from StoneX

FanDuel’s Trending Replay

FanDuel scored big with their 2023 year-in-review. In this replay campaign, customers' top three “Most Bet On” teams and sports were highlighted in a personalized round-up. The engagement didn’t stop for individuals that bet on fewer than three teams or sports, instead they received a fallback experience to explore more teams and sports in 2024.

Personalized YIR mobile notification from FanDuel

The well-loved replay was truly everywhere—not only did FanDuel launch it on email, push, and in-app notifications, they also encouraged users to share it on social for the chance to win bonus bets. With the smart incentive play, #FanDuelReplay trended on X at spot #26 in the US.

Engage Customers From the Start

These stellar year-in-review campaigns aided brands in starting off 2024 with strong engagement—but you don’t have to wait until next year to do the same. With the power of automated, data-driven tactics, you can launch eye-catching campaigns that motivate customers to stick with your brand for the long haul every day of the year.

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