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[VIDEO] How to Add Live Website Content to an Email

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Imagine if you opened an email and, instead of just a static sale, you saw up-to-date content, whether that’s a Pinterest page, Facebook page, or company webpage. Rather than visiting a brand’s channels individually, you could see the latest content from social media networks and websites alike – all from the inbox.

That’s exactly what web cropping does. By adding live website content to an email, marketers can offer recipients a multichannel experience from within the inbox.

Any webpage can be cropped and included in an email – a brand’s homepage, a specific product page, or a social media channel. And as the content across those channels changes, the content in the email changes, too. That means if you update a sale with a new product, recipients will see that new product in their inbox – even if they already opened the email.

Contextual marketing technology allows marketers to create dynamic experiences from within the inbox and live web cropping provides a lot of that content, whether you’re trying to feature the latest social content, sale, product information or more.

Steven Joya, our product marketing strategist, recently discussed how to add live website content to an email with the Movable Ink platform. Check it out below:

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