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Think Summit 2022: Customer-Centric Strategies for a Mobile World

Mobile is the critical connector between brands and their ever-evolving customers. Hear the compelling strategies from this year’s Think Summit that transform brand communications into best-in-class mobile experiences with ease.

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How Personalized Mobile Marketing Creates Loyalists out of Fast Casual Restaurant Customers

Your fast casual restaurant customers expect convenience. And that convenience stems from personalized messaging on the device they use the most: their phone.

Why Mobile Marketing is Critical to Every Brand's Omni-Channel Success

Mobile marketing is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s an expectation. When used in tandem with a strong marketing strategy, brands can harness mobile communications to accelerate valuable customer experiences.

Winning Mobile Strategies for Retailers in 2020

Mobile is playing an increasingly bigger role in the retail industry and is predicted to account for about half of 2020’s e-commerce sales in the United States and United Kingdom — 45% and 51% respectively. As such, it’s key for retailers t...

Meet our Mobile Partners: Airship

Here at Movable Ink, we invest in a world-class partnership program to help our clients make the most of their martech stacks and upgrade their cross-channel experiences. This week, we’re celebrating our mobile launch by featuring our mobil...

[Infographic] Email Attention Spans Are Increasing, Fueled by Mobile

The following blog post was written by Chad White, Research Director at Litmus. Follow him on Twitter: @ChadSWhite. ...

Holiday Report: 70% Mobile Opens

This week in holiday consumer device preferences … Mobile continues to rule opens: Dec. 7 – Dec. 13 ...

The Mobile Revolution: Email Edition

It’s become so ubiquitous that most of us don’t even think about it anymore. But take a second to look around yourself as you walk down the street or drive down the highway and notice how ...

It’s a mobile world in email. Don’t forget the preview pane.

How often do you read through your emails the way your readers do? Not often enough is the honest answer from most businesses. Taking that moment or two to experience your own ...

What the So-Called “Mobilegeddon” Tells Us About the State of Responsive Design

Last week, Google unrolled a new algorithm designed to deliver mobile users the best possible experience when searching for something on their phones. Naturally, the marketing and design world called this phenomenon “mobilegeddon.” The name...

The Report About Smartphone Use Every Email Marketer Should Read

Responsive design. Responsive emails. Mobile-optimized everything. Usually, when marketers are talking about creating mobile experiences, they’re talking from a design perspective. After all, that’s the most important thing, whether you’re ...

[WEBINAR] The Mobile Takeover: It’s Real. It’s Here. Get Used to It.

Mobile email opens have grown consistently for the 4 quarters that Movable Ink has been releasing the US Consumer Device Preference Report, and it’s a relentless trend that we don’t see abating anytime soon. Our latest study, the US Consume...


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