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The Cross-Channel Marketing Starter Kit

The Foundation of Cross-Channel Marketing

Convenience is king for customers, making simple and accessible messaging a must-have. This is one of the main goals for robust cross-channel marketing. Whenever customers navigate between channels, an engaging and cohesive customer experience is often what makes the difference between them returning or pivoting to another brand.

Optimizing your brand presence on each channel is within your grasp when you use smart, data-driven techniques and martech tools that work together like a well-oiled machine. In this blog, get a rundown on how you can efficiently create effective, cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Data Dexterity

To be a cross-channel marketer, you need to be a data-driven expert. Data is the key to impactful marketing, no matter the device or touchpoint. To generate captivating marketing experiences that keep customers returning for more, you need to build a strong foundation of relevant data:

  • Zero-party data is the gold standard of data. This is the information that customers willingly submit in order to enjoy a more accurate brand experience. Good examples for sourcing zero-party data includes polls, quizzes, or preference center information.
  • First-party data is what every digital marketer has on hand. Every time a customer interacts with your site or app, the data trail they leave behind is key information that can power relevant retargeting.
  • Universal data includes both zero- and first-party data, but it also encompasses far more. With a Universal Data Activation (UDA) approach, marketers intentionally source data from every possible avenue, not just their site; they tap into events data, product data, APIs, CSVs, and partner integration data—to name a few.

Leveraging these data sources is critical to cross-channel success—especially when you’re looking for over 292% lift in CTOR.

Take a look at data activation in action with this email from Currys powered by Phrasee and Movable Ink.

Dixons email powered by Phrasee and MI

Currys wanted to optimize their headline copy, and turned to Phrasee to test and deliver different language variations for their bank holiday campaign. The brand also leaned on Movable Ink's creative optimizer to deliver each of the 5 variations to a select group of customers. Once that was complete, the brand optimized based on CTR to deliver the winning creative to the rest of the campaign opens.

See More of Phrasee and Movable Ink in Action

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Master Mobile Messaging

It’s clear how data and email go hand-in-hand, but how can marketers deploy a campaign that’s not just present on mobile, but optimized for this channel?

Data Access

  • When using tools that democratize data, such as Universal Data Activation and the Mobile SDK, marketers can easily source any type of data they need. In the case of mobile, that often involves behavioral tracking for actions like app downloads, what prior campaigns brought them to the mobile app, loyalty information, or transactional data.
  • Once those data streams are in place, marketers can turn their attention to optimizing how customers experience the mobile content. With several sub-channels to navigate within mobile—push, in-app, or SMS—common pain points like broken links or irrelevant landing pages tend to arise.

Deep Linking

  • To improve mobile app acquisition and engagement, deep linking is a must. Taking customers to the desired landing page will create a seamless experience and maintain their continued interest.
  • For example, if you send a personalized product recommendation via mobile app inbox, deep linking ensures that they’re routed to that exact product page.

Optimize Language

  • Ensure that customers are guided through their marketing experience with language that makes sense. Subject lines, body copy, and CTAs should all flow with the content you’re trying to promote. Give your dynamic content that last touch with automated, optimized copy that provides helpful context.

Cross-Channel Marketing in Action

You’ve heard the strategies. Now, take a peek at cross-channel perfection in this data-driven marketing campaign from Inkredible Outdoors.

Inkredible Outdoors cross-channel campaign

This email from Inkredible Outdoors is a data treasure trove that includes a hero image promoting hiking equipment, an abandoned cart trigger, personalized product recommendations, and a web crop for social proofing.

Each of these content blocks, powered with zero- and first-party data, deep link to different areas within the app. In this example, the customer opts to peruse the curated list of hiking gear and is immediately deep linked to the relevant mobile app page.

Sophisticated cross-channel marketing doesn’t stop there. To maintain a cycle of growing customer engagement, use incoming data post-conversion to drive additional improvements for future retargeting.

Optimize Your Cross-Channel Marketing Today

When data best practices are paired with top solutions like Phrasee and Movable Ink’s UDA and Mobile SDK, cross-channel marketing is a mountain you can conquer. It’s time to prioritize a seamless cross-channel marketing experience for your customers that contributes to long-lasting loyalty and thriving connections.