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Create 1:1 Behavioral Campaigns with Movable Ink + Segment

With Movable Ink and Segment, marketers can combine website and mobile app behavior to create sophisticated campaigns, build a more complete view of their customers, and drive higher engagement and ROI.

By Kristen Dunleavy,Read More

Data-Activated Content Just Got Easier with New Studio

Data-activated content just got a whole lot easier with the launch of Movable Ink’s most powerful Studio update yet. Marketers gain a new concept of freedom when it comes to executing uniquely personalized campaigns—the power to do it all o

By Movable Ink,

Key Takeaways from an Analysis of Content Caching in the Newly Released iOS 15

CEO of Movable Ink, Vivek Sharma, shares key takeaways from Movable Ink’s latest data analysis of the current impact of Apple’s iOS 15 and Mail Privacy Protection.

By Vivek Sharma,

Monday Catch-up: Automation, Permission, Triggers and Sales Leads

Happy Monday, marketers! Here’s some email marketing news and info to help get your workweek off to a productive start. ...
By Kristen Dunleavy,

[Infographic] Optimize Your Email Production Workflow

Did you know it takes 32% of brands 3-4 weeks to plan and execute an email campaign? For brands with additional dependencies, it can take two months or more. ...
By Kristen Dunleavy,

Consumer Device Preferences for Email Marketing

It’s a given—designing your emails to create the best user experience leads to more click-throughs and conversions. And, unless you consistently use responsive design, knowing which ...
By Amy Mullen,

Live Data: Leveraging an Open Platform to Create Amazing Email Experiences

Live data is changing the way marketers engage with customers. The batch and blast, billboard style of reaching your audience is being replaced with highly personalized, relevant ...
By Amy Mullen,

4 Reasons to Supercharge Your Email Campaigns with APIs

We marketers love to throw around the latest lingo. Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to see the forest of value for the trees of terminology in the industry. ...
By Amy Mullen,

You have the data. Are you making the most of it?

Relevance. It’s what drives the most effective marketing. Also called “context” or “contextual marketing,” it’s an idea that’s always been a holy grail for lifting CTR in email. It’s all about ...
By Amy Mullen,

Serving Files: S3 and High Availability

At Movable Ink we heavily use Amazon S3 for storing millions of files and serving them to hundreds of millions of users. It has a number of very compelling qualities: it has great performance characteristics and durability guarantees of a b...
By Michael Nutt,

[WEBINAR] How to Build Next-Gen Emails with API Integrations

At Movable Ink, we’ve been talking a lot about how API integrations can help bring your email marketing to the next level. Whether you’re trying to make it easier for customers to upgrade their seats, make a reservation, or you just want to...
By Blaise Lucey,

[eBook] 7 Ways to Use API Integrations in Your Email Campaigns

The idea of “dynamic content” in email has come a long way. From flash sales and countdown timers, emails have started to include API integrations that are customized to an individual business level. Some examples: Airlines are using seatin...
By Blaise Lucey,


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