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Inkredible Integrations: Customer Data Platforms

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At Movable Ink, we’re dedicated to helping marketers create the kind of scalable, highly-personalized campaigns that engage customers and ultimately drive results. We know how important it is to drive efficiency, save time, and make the most out of your existing martech stack – especially in today’s economic climate.

As part of our ongoing Inkredible Integrations blog series, we’re highlighting the many ways our clients are leveraging Movable Ink’s partner integrations to get the most out of their tech stack and adapt their marketing communications to their customers’ changing behaviors.

In this post, we’ll look at how marketers can leverage customer data using Movable Ink + CDPs to create successful 1:1 campaigns.

Your marketing campaigns + customer data = powerful 1:1 experiences

Considering that 72% of consumers will only engage with marketing messages tailored to their specific interests, it’s incredibly important for marketers to leverage customer data within their campaigns. Whether it’s behavioral data like previously purchased products and recently browsed items, or loyalty data like accrued points and eligible awards, taking advantage of customer data is essential for creating true 1:1 personalization and more impactful campaigns. 

In today’s economic climate when your customer’s preferences and buying habits are rapidly changing and evolving, using customer data is more important than ever before.

But for many marketers, activating that data – which is often spread throughout disparate sources – and using it in meaningful and effective ways within marketing campaigns is a huge challenge.

Movable Ink helps marketers overcome that challenge with partner integrations with a number of Customer Data Platforms like Segment, MessageGears Engage, SmarterHQ, and AgilOne – just to name a few. With Movable Ink and your CDP of choice, you can tap into any internal data and use it within your marketing campaigns across channels.

To learn more about MessageGears, watch our episode of Ink Tank with Nick Ziech-Lopez, Product Owner at MessageGears.

Create 1:1 experiences with real-time product recommendations

Leveraging Movable Ink’s integration with Segment, Boxed can automatically pull in recently searched products using behaviors that were tracked on both web and in-app in real-time. The Live Search Results Campaign provides a unique shopping experience for each customer by including visual product recommendations that they had recently browsed or purchased. Because Movable Ink can generate these visuals at the moment of open, Boxed can streamline production by reducing the number of email versions they need to create.

Now Boxed can provide a relevant experience for every customer, whether they prefer browsing in-app or via web. 

To learn more about Movable Ink’s extensive partner integrations, visit the Exchange.

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