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Q1 2024 Product Announcement: Unlock Campaign Potential, Unleash Growth

The Q1 2024 product launch is here! Get a sneak peek at all of our newest innovations, including our latest integration with Adobe Campaign, AI-powered subject lines, AI-guided reporting, and much more.

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Q1 2024 Product Launch Blog Title

A Match Made in the Clouds For Content Personalization Excellence

Introducing Movable Ink’s newest integrations with Salesforce Marketing, Data, and Commerce Clouds. With this integration, make the most of your marketing efforts by leveraging Salesforce data to generate 1:1 personalized experiences.

Title design reading: A Match Made in the Clouds For Content Personalization Excellence

3 Tips for Flawless API Automation

Marketers have vast amounts of data on hand, but activating it into personalized content remains a challenge. Now, with the power of automated APIs, marketers can streamline their processes, easily creating engaging marketing moments.

Title reading: 3 Tips for Flawless API Automation

Zero- And First-Party Data: The Key to Accurate Customer Targeting

The use of zero- and first-party data is essential to creating a successful brand-customer relationship. Wondering how to activate this data? In this blog, discover effective ways to implement them into your next campaigns. ...

How API Integrations Benefit Omni-Channel Personalization

With the help of APIs, brands can deliver a consistent omni-channel experience to customers with ease. From the inbox to mobile messaging, APIs bring personalized, visualized storytelling to the forefront of a successful marketing strategy.

How Brands Use Automation to Scale Email Personalization Strategy

Nothing is better than creating valuable, result-driven content that can be transformed into endless variations without the manual work. It’s the age of marketing automation and AI powered personalization has never been easier. ...

Data Management is the Key to Powerful Customer Engagement

The Braze 2022 Global Customer Engagement Review digs deep into what’s working and what’s not in the world of marketing personalization. The number one challenge for marketers to achieve this personalization? Managing their data.

How StubHub Uses Omni-Channel Experiences to Drive Loyalty with Braze and Movable Ink

At Movable Ink’s 2021 (Re)Think conference, Braze’s Evangelist Magith Noohukhan spoke with StubHub’s former Head of CRM and Customer Data Chris Lanzafame about how to drive customer loyalty and retention by using actionable data.

Designing Email and Mobile Personalization with ESPN and Movable Ink

At Movable Ink’s 2021 (Re)Think conference, two ESPN marketers spoke with Movable Ink Senior Client Experience Manager Andrew Brawley about the design process along with the daily minutia and challenges that can often pop up.
Designing Email and Mobile Personalization with ESPN and Movable Ink

Half a Century of Innovation: Looking Back on 50 Years of Email

From his desktop computer in 1971 and while working on an early version of what would become the internet, Ray Tomlinson sent the first email from one individual to another.
Half a Century of Innovation: Looking Back on 50 Years of Email

Movable Ink Research: Analysis of iOS 15 Content Caching

A new report from Movable Ink analyzes the early results of Apple iOS 15's recent-time caching changes now that iPhone users have access to Mail Privacy Protection.

Key Takeaways from an Analysis of Content Caching in the Newly Released iOS 15

CEO of Movable Ink, Vivek Sharma, shares key takeaways from Movable Ink’s latest data analysis of the current impact of Apple’s iOS 15 and Mail Privacy Protection.


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