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Consumer Device Preference Report: Q1 2017

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Each quarter, we take a look at the changing ways that consumers interact with their emails: the devices they use, the days that are most popular for reading email, their always-fluctuating attention spans, and more.

In Q1 of 2017, we uncovered a few interesting trends among the retail, travel, finance and media, publishing and entertainment industries.

Check out our TL;DR version below for a summary of our findings, and keeping scrolling to find the full infographics for the Consumer Device Preference Report Q1 2017.

Retail: Smartphone opens remained strong for both apparel retail and non-apparel retail. Apparel retail saw the highest smartphone conversions (40%) out of all the verticals we monitor. AOV also increased by more than $43 across all devices for apparel retail.

Travel and hospitality: This industry saw very strong desktop opens midweek, suggesting that people are daydreaming about upcoming vacations while at work. Travel also saw the highest read lengths on the iPhone, with 58% reading for 15+ seconds.

Finance: Smartphone email opens jumped up by 7% from Q4 2016, with those opens peaking on Saturdays at 74%. This reveals that customers want their banking and rewards information when they’re on-the-go.

Media, publishing, and entertainment: Tablet email opens are typically strong for this industry. In Q1 we saw an uptick, bringing tablet opens up to 18% – higher than any other industry we monitored!

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