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What iOS 10 Means for Email Marketers (And What You Can Do)

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From a predictive emoji keyboard to the ability to remove those useless default apps (let’s be real, no one is using their iPhone as a compass), it’s easy to see why the iOS 10 update is one of the biggest in Apple history.

And while iOS 10 doesn’t completely overhaul the Mail app, there are a few updates that could have big implications for email marketers. Here are the updates you need to watch out for and what you can do to prepare and optimize your upcoming email campaigns.

The update: Unsubscribe button

Apple has added an ‘unsubscribe’ button to the very top of any email they detect is part of a mailing list in the iOS 10 Mail app. Previously, subscribers would have search for an unsubscribe button within the email itself.

What it means:

– Unsubscribing from any mailing list just got easier
– The prime real estate at the top of your email just got more valuable
Don’t panic; that massive unsubscribe button isn’t a bad thing. Yes, it’s much easier for people to unsubscribe from your list – but it should always be easy for anyone to unsubscribe.

When someone unsubscribes, that means they aren’t interested in your content. They likely haven’t been engaging with your emails in a long time. Inactive subscribers can skew your analytics and hurt your performance. That’s why it’s so important to regularly run reactivation campaigns to ensure your subscribers really want to be there.

The addition of the unsubscribe button ultimately means a better user experience for your subscribers and a healthier email list for you.

But that’s not all the unsubscribe button will do: it impacts your email content and design, too. It’ll push your email content down by about 50px. That means the content at the top of your emails, including the subject line, preview text, from name and the first few lines of text or the first image in your email are more important than ever.

What you can do:

Maximize every bit of space at the beginning of your email. Here are a few ways to optimize that space:

– Make your subject line relevant to the content inside your email
– Take advantage of preview text. Think of it as your subject line, part 2.
– Use personalization to grab attention
– Consider adding a call-to-action at the top of your email, and/or…

… a banner that pulls in your products and prices directly from your website for easy shopping, right at the top of your email

The update: The ability to remove default apps

It’s (finally!) possible to remove Apple’s default apps like Stocks, Weather and…Mail. That means some of your subscribers will delete their iOS Mail app in favor of third-party mail apps like Spark, Polymail or countless others.

What it means:

– Some of your subscribers may move away from the default Mail app

What you can do:

Optimizing your emails for mobile should always be top of mind, considering that most people prefer to open emails on their mobile device. But now it’s an absolute necessity to ensure your emails look great on any device and on any mail app. Here are the steps you can take to do that:

– Think big when it comes to CTAs – about 44 px
– Your text should be large as well – at least 16 px
– Test your emails with a tool like Litmus

The update: One-tap filter

Your subscribers can simply tap the filter button at the bottom of the Mail screen to view any unread messages, messages with attachments, flagged messages and more.

Before, you had to choose a mailbox and select “Edit” to filter messages. It’s not exactly an earth-shattering update, but the filter button is a shortcut and it’s especially useful for anyone with a full inbox.

What it means:

– It’s much easier for your subscribers to view their unread messages
– It’s good news for companies that send attachments

What you can do:

Inboxes are crowded, so while it’ll be a little bit easier for your subscribers to find your unread messages, your subject line still needs to stand out among the noise. Here’s how to do that:

– iPhone in portrait mode allows for 41 characters in the subject line, so keep it short and sweet
– Again, use that preview text to your advantage
– Be specific – if you’re promoting a limited-time sale, tell your customers exactly when your sale expires and how long they have to act in your subject line
– Test out emojis in your subject line.Here’s how

Are your email campaigns ready for iOS 10?

While Apple didn’t completely overhaul the Mail app for iOS 10, the updates they did make will impact email marketers. Optimizing your subject line, beginning of your email and overall design will go a long way in helping your campaigns continue to stand out in the inbox.

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