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Summer Launch Webinar Recap: Your Intelligent Content Questions Answered

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Last week, we gave you a peek inside the Movable Ink Platform and showed our updates that make it easier than ever to activate your data.

We had a ton of great questions during our Q&A portion of the webinar, so we wanted to take the time to answer some of our most commonly asked questions about intelligent content in email. You can check out the full webinar recording here.

You mentioned that Movable Ink can be considered a new layer that sits on top of your current email marketing platforms. Can you explain how Movable Ink works with ESPs?

Movable Ink works with any ESP, and you can use Movable Ink content in any type of email – campaigns, triggers, journeys, etc. You can pull content directly from your website, social media channels, or asset library and add it into your emails to display real-time information like live pricing and inventory. Movable Ink also lets you access your data easily – whether it’s through your CRM or an API – and use it to create 1:1 email content. Finally, you can use contextual elements like local weather, time, device and more for personalization.

How does your polling work? Can you take the poll right in the email?

Yes! The poll lives in your email, where your customers can cast their vote and see real-time poll results. You could even deep link the poll to Twitter so your subscribers can share their votes with their followers. You can see an example of Hotel Tonight’s award-winning live poll below. You can learn more about this campaign in the Inkredible 5.

Can a Movable Ink content block be added to any ESP message type, promotional, trigger, automation, or transactional?

Yes – you can add Movable Ink content to any email type, whether it’s a trigger, journey, automated message, or any other type of email. Here’s an example of Scholastic using Movable Ink’s behavioral expansion, Stories, in their cart abandonment email. You can read more about their campaign here.

Are there any non-profits using Movable Ink? If so, could give us a few examples of how Movable Ink services can be leveraged from a non-profit’s point of view?

More than a few non-profits have seen success with Movable Ink; two of those being Movember and the British Heart Foundation.

The Movember team sent an email that contained live fundraising information. The fundraising total would automatically update in real-time as donations increased, so email recipients always received the most up-to-date totals. Movember saw a 30% increase in donations as a result of this campaign. Here’s what the email looked like. You can check out the full case study here.

The British Heart Foundation used a live poll in their email campaign to cheer on runners in their virtual marathon. Their poll asked runners about their progress and showed how many other runners chose the same answer. When the recipient made their choice, they were taken to page with tips for overcoming their challenge. They had two versions of the poll: one for those who completed the MyMarathon and one for those who hadn’t. As a result, BHF saw a 13.82% lift in CTR. You can check out the full case study here.

Can content be varied by language? I.e., a Spanish speaker sees content in Spanish.

Yes! In fact, the Leading Hotels of the World used language localization to increase their email production efficiency by 90%. You can read the case study here.

Can I pull in an Instagram or Facebook feed using Movable Ink technology?

Yes, and that’s a great way to display user-generated content in your emails. You can add your live social feeds to drive engagement, and you can even filter content to ensure that only your best social content is visible by your customers.

Can you pull content from any other feeds besides API, for example RSS or JSON?

Yes, Movable Ink lets you activate content and data from any source, including API, RSS, and JSON.

Can you talk about deliverability issues?

Adding intelligent content in you email does not have a negative impact on your deliverability. We have over 450 leading brands across all major verticals including, retail, travel/hospitality and media/publishing/entertainment that use the Movable Ink platform to power intelligent content in their email campaigns without any negative impact on their deliverability.

In fact, because intelligent content can greatly increase engagement, some clients may experience better deliverability as some ISPs, like Gmail, filter based on poor engagement.

The Movable Ink tag that gets put into your email to power intelligent content is a simple HTML image tag. While the intelligent content image that is ultimately served up in the email message at open is hosted on Movable Ink servers, as a best practice we recommend that clients set up a subdomain that is used for the image URL, further alleviating any deliverability concerns.
If you’re interested in learning about more deliverability best practices, check out our blog post on the topic.

To learn more about Movable Ink’s Summer Launch and to see a demo of the Movable Ink Platform, check out our webinar recording.

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