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[Report] The 2018 Digital Consumer Trend Report

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Want to know how consumers are interacting with email in 2018? Curious to learn about the actions they take before they convert? Want to know if iPhone users open more emails than Android users?

Then you’ll want to download our newest report, The 2018 Digital Consumer Trends Report.

We report on consumer device usage — like open rates and AOV — on a quarterly basis, and now for the first time, we’re broadening our report to include additional consumer trends with behavioral data like page views, cart abandonment rates, and more.

Here’s a snapshot of just a few of our findings.

The 2018 Digital Consumer Trend Report: A Summary of Findings[


Download the full report to learn how consumers are interacting with emails from brands in retail (apparel), retail (non-apparel), travel, and media, publishing and entertainment — including customer journey data that leads to conversions — like the number of emails they see and number of times they visit your website before making a purchase.

We’ve also included forecasting for 2018 and helpful tips for achieving your business goals this year and beyond. We hope you find this report insightful, and that you use it to elevate your digital marketing campaigns.

Get your copy now!

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