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Meet our Mobile Partners: Airship

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Here at Movable Ink, we invest in a world-class partnership program to help our clients make the most of their martech stacks and upgrade their cross-channel experiences.

This week, we’re celebrating our mobile launch by featuring our mobile partners. Today, we’re learning more about Mike Herrick, SVP of Technology at Airship. You can learn more about our integration with Airship and browse our extensive partner ecosystem of out-of-the-box integrations in the Movable Ink Exchange.

Tell us about your platform.

Airship increases customer lifetime value by connecting with customers throughout the lifecycle, delivering valuable and engaging experiences, and discovering growth opportunities with detailed insight into behavior.

How does Airship help marketers stay innovative?

Airship Journeys and Predictive AI, fueled by our focus on real-time data and bi-directional integrations with other martech solutions, are what we believe marketers need most to succeed now and into the future. That’s why we’re excited about the partnership with Movable Ink. It fulfills the need for high impact personalized visual experiences across a growing number of channels, which is what today’s mobile-first customers expect. Our product team is able to be so innovative because they are engaged in continuous discovery, which means we are always working closely with our clients to understand their needs and adapting our product to market trends, creating a constant feedback loop with our customers.

What are the benefits of your partnership with Movable Ink?

Partnering with Movable Ink allows our joint clients to add advanced image personalization capabilities to their mobile app messaging. Combining Movable Ink’s expertise in generating personalized visual content with our expertise in mobile delivers a highly relevant consumer experience that mobile marketers want.

How does Movable Ink work with Airship?

Airship integrates Movable Ink content into four of our messaging channels: message center (app inbox), rich push notifications, email, and in-app messages. One retailer is using Airship in-app messages with Movable Ink’s intelligent creative to display a personalized summary of membership savings to their customers. The Very Group used Movable Ink content to personalize Airship message center messages with a product-specific image to the customer.

What are your marketing predictions for the future?

We’re entering into a new era where the customer experience is all about mobile and in-the-moment responsiveness. Pre-planned, segment-based campaigns are quickly becoming a thing of the past as contextual, hyper-personalized, real-time engagement takes the lead. In 2019, we saw further growth in spend on MarTech with many brands focussing on Customer Data Platforms and Orchestration /AI tools to support efficiency, data management, and data-driven marketing activity. In the future, we are likely to see greater marketing automation adoption and greater use of experimentation to drive superior customer-centric interactions. By evolving customer experience across all channels, brands will be able to provide consumers with a cutting-edge experience that meets their expectations.

What are the biggest trends happening in the mobile space right now?

Despite many predictions around the reductions in mobile growth all of the evidence shows mobile continues to grow and remains the channel of choice for users. Our research shows that globally, while marketers culled email and SMS lists to comply with GDPR, mobile audiences grew +16.6% year-over-year globally.

Marketers are taking advantage of this by creating richer visual experiences through newer formats such as in-app messaging, inboxes and rich push notifications, wallet passes and dynamic content-rich emails.

An explosion in channels has lead to orchestration and automation tools being more widely adopted to power intelligent, real-time communication with customers across channels with reduced levels of effort for the marketer. The move from siloed, scheduled campaigns to end-to-end CX journey creation is a huge trend impacting every vertical right now.

What can marketers do to level-up their mobile experiences?

Increase personalization efforts. Being able to cut through the noise with highly relevant in-the-moment messaging is a MUST to win consumer engagement, loyalty and spend. We’ve found adding an image to push notifications increases direct open rates by 56%.

Identify the critical moments for your customers across their day and the lifecycle of your product or service and use them to deliver contextual, visually engaging messages.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges that marketers are facing right now?

We are all experiencing unprecedented circumstances at the moment. One constant in this environment is the continued importance of the mobile device as our number one source for information and connection. The challenge marketers face now is continuing to strengthen their connections with their existing customers, and in some verticals effectively onboarding a huge influx of new users. When commerce begins to return to normal, these connections will be crucial for closing gaps between their goals and performance.

What do marketers need to do differently?

To stay relevant, B2C marketers must reduce their reliance on outbound, channel-specific, time-bound campaign capabilities. Brands must develop a martech strategy that provides the agility to deliver personalized interactions on-demand, wherever and whenever customers choose.

How can marketers stay ahead of the competition?

Leverage your MarTech partners to help you create winning strategies and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Many brands will greatly underutilize the technology available to them due to lack of time, resources or knowledge. Lean into your partner’s expertise to maximize value from your investments.

Is there anything else you’d like readers to know?

Airship prides itself on the iterative and flexible nature of our products, which means they are always improving over time. We recently launched Airship Journeys, which offers marketers revolutionary simplicity to create, manage and optimize cross-channel customer experiences from one intuitive visual UI. We think the integration with Movable Ink will lend itself to richer, personalized experiences across multiple channels.

Meet Mike Harrick

SVP of Technology at Airship

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