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Intelligent Content in Email: How to Activate Your Data and Boost Results

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Email marketing is hands-down the most effective way to engage with your audience on a personal level… but you already knew that.

If you’re most marketers, you also know how important it is to exceed your customers’ expectation with email – otherwise your competition will beat you to it. To stay relevant and ramp up revenue, you need to create hyper-personalized, innovative content that adapts to your customers’ needs at the moment of open.

Solving the email content problem

Email innovation that matters is the reason Movable Ink exists. Every day, every Movable Ink employee comes to work thinking, “How can we create the best emails for our customers?” That single question animates our entire company, from our engineers to our client experience teams to our marketers.

How do we create the best email programs?

Let’s start simply. If by best you hear the most revenue, let’s start by pumping up the volume.

But there’s a hidden problem: the content of your emails.

Suppose by best you mean getting the most revenue, so the strategy is to increase your volume. You’ll need better content and more of it. Otherwise, you’ll burn out your customers and put your deliverability at risk.

Suppose instead you want to be more relevant, so you send to more finely targeted segments. But this approach brings us right back to content. I can’t send the same 5 offers to 500 different segments. Without better content, better segmentation could work against you.

Finally, suppose you want to send at better times, using more triggers or customer journeys. With this strategy, you definitely need more and better content. If you send more 1:1 emails, you need to tailor the message tailored specifically for the recipient.

But the problem with content is that it doesn’t scale. More or better content requires more people, more complex processes to manage the content they produce, and more costs to produce it all. Content is the bottleneck of 1:1 marketing.

This is the problem we’re solving at Movable Ink: scaling content to meet your digital marketing needs. We do this through Intelligent Content. What is Intelligent Content? It is personalized content generated in real-time using any data you have and whatever business logic you need to create the perfect content.

Watching our presentation to see a demo of Intelligent Content and how HotelTonight and Lenovo are using it to leverage own data and get incredible results.

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