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How the Movember Foundation Used Dynamic Email Content to Increase Donation Values by 30%

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Ever notice an abundance of facial hair sported by your male colleagues every November? It’s no coincidence; it’s part of a brilliant fundraising campaign from the Movember Foundation – the only global charity foundation that focuses solely on men’s health.

During the month formerly known as November, the foundation encourages people to sign up on, spread the word about men’s health and collect donations from friends and family (mustaches are optional).

Needless to say, engagement is key for driving Movember donations. So in 2015, the Movember Foundation decided to personalize the Movember email experience for all of their participants by delivering a dynamic email that was easily shareable with friends and family.

“We wanted to try and make that email feel extremely personalized and relevant to the initial recipient, and everyone who received it via a forward,” said Meaghan Bilinski, Digital Marketing Director at Movember. “We wanted to take it to the next level and ensure that no matter when someone opened it, it contained the live fundraising total of the person who sent it.”

To do that, Movember sent an email that contained live fundraising information. The fundraising total would automatically update in real-time as donations increased.

Here’s what the email looked like:

Movember participants now had a way of sharing live fundraising targets and a new reason to forward the email to family and friends. In addition to delivering a great experience to their community, Movember saw significant results over their 2014 email, including:

  • 16% increase in the value of donations per email sent
  • 30% increase in the value of donations per email opened

“Not only did it give us a fun new way to bring fundraising targets to life using our iconic mustache symbol, but we saw a significant increase in the effectiveness of the email compared to the previous year,” said Meaghan.

Deliver dynamic email content that gets results

Emails with dynamic content not only provide a more relevant customer experience, they’re a lot more shareable than emails with static content (as evidenced by Movember’s success). If you’re looking to boost engagement and deliver highly shareable content, add a dynamic element to your emails that updates automatically at the moment of open. To learn more about contextual marketing tactics, check out our guide: Everything You Need to Know About Contextual Marketing.

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