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How Lenscrafters Raised Click-Throughs by 60%

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If you’re wearing glasses, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Lenscrafters. You might even be wearing a brand you bought from the company right now. The brand has stores all over the country that sell eyewear products and offer eye exams.

One of the most important marketing tools for Lenscrafters is email. When it’s time for a sale or an appointment reminder, the company depends on email to drive results. That means getting online sales for glasses and, most importantly, getting people to book appointments.

Ivy Inniger, Director of CRM/Loyalty at Lenscrafters North America, wanted to make it as easy as possible to book appointments. To do that, Inniger and the team used Movable Ink’s technology to power custom-built API integrations in an email campaign.

Here’s how it worked:

Local Results, Global Reach

When Lenscrafters sends out available times for eye exams, it’s usually up to the customer to find the location that’s most convenient to them. However, by geo-targeting the store locations and showing real-time exam appointments at those locations, Lenscrafters personalized the experience.

With this “Exams Near You” campaign, Lenscrafters improved click-through rates by 60%.

Lenscrafters API integration

The business didn’t just see increased engagement from this integration. By using this contextual marketing engine, the business saw more traffic to brick-and-mortar stores as well.

This is a great example of how an email, simply by pulling data from local stores and inventory, can actually transform digital prospects into physical customers. A highly relevant email can make all the difference in the world.

The Future of Apps + Email

At Movable Ink, we’ve seen the evolution of widget-based dynamic emails into full-blown contextual emails. Things are only going to get more interesting as companies start using API integrations to create entirely new email experiences.

Want to see how other brands are using API integrations in email?

API Integrations for Email CampaignsIn our latest eBook, “7 Ways to Use API Integrations In Your Email Campaigns,” we show how Dunkin’ Donuts used API integrations to pull in Instagram photos and tweets into emails, how EZLinks used the technology to offer real-time reservations for golf courses across the country, and more.

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