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3 Geo-Targeted Emails: Clothes, Rewards Programs, Shoes

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Geo-targeting in emails can help improve conversions and click-throughs.

If email marketers have learned anything over the past few years, it’s that every customer is now a moving target. They’re checking emails on their phones and tablets, which means they’re doing a lot of different activities at the same time.

Responsive email design strategies play a critical role in this new world. Customers are always on the go and your emails need to offer real-time content that reflects their needs in the moment.

One simple way to do this is to start creating geo-targeted emails. Ordinarily, a customer checking their personal email on a lunch break isn’t too likely to redeem a discount offer. But if they see a personalized map that shows that a store is right around the block, that can change.

Geo-targeting can help brands create contextual marketing campaigns. Here are three companies that have used maps in emails effectively:

1. ivivva


In a campaign that combined automated geo-targeting and live social media content, retailer ivivva sent out an email that showed customers the location of the nearest showroom. At the same time, they offered a glimpse at the social media community around ivivva by creating a real-time Instagram feed directly within the email.

  1. Excentus

Geotargeted email

Excentus wanted to show the closest places where rewards members could earn points. By including geo-targeted maps that displayed these locations in real-time, the business increased high value traffic by 21% and click-throughs by 24%.

3. Steve Madden

Geo-targeted email Steve Madden

Time is always of the essence during limited-time sales. Steve Madden made it as easy as possible for mobile shoppers to find the closest location near them by pinning a personalized map with each destination.

Location & Motivation,

All of these emails go back to the most important part of responsive email design today: offering contextually relevant content in every email. And, since most emails are opened on mobile devices, one of the keys to contextual marketing is creating geo-targeted emails.

Since customers are constantly on the move, the content in your emails has to move, too.

Contextual Marketing eBookSo how can you get started with contextually relevant emails for mobile and how are brands using dynamic content to take email to the next level?

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