Email vs. Social Media ROI in One Simple Chart

Blaise Lucey

When it comes to social media marketing, a lot of marketers are suffering from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). They see other brands doing something cool on Facebook or Twitter and want to replicate it. But FOMO can be expensive. Management platforms, analytics tools, and other investments are made into a social media presence and, in many cases, the ROI from the channel is never even proven.Meanwhile, ROI from email is measurable and consistent… but research from eConsultancy found that spending on email marketing budgets has [actually dropped by 19% this year](’s no contest between the ROI from social and the ROI from email. You can forget FOMO and think YAMO – this research shows that, if you’re not optimizing your email marketing, you _are_ missing out.**The Email Chart to Rule Them All**In the [Email Marketing Industry Census 2015](, eConsultancy & Adestra basically summed up why email marketing is so much more important for companies than any digital marketing channel: it consistently drives ROI.The findings paint a pretty clear picture. Among digital marketers, 79% ranked ROI from email “good” or “excellent.”After all these years, email marketing is still number one for ROI. Meanwhile, only 35% of marketers said that ROI from social was “good” or “excellent.”**The Art & Science of the Social Email**Whenever the ROI (or lack thereof) of social media channels is brought up, marketers can get defensive. But, really, this represents a great opportunity. We all know that the real power of social is building brand awareness and engaging in real-time, two-way communication with customers. The strength of social is relationship-building, not sales.Rather than keeping social and email channels in different silos, controlled by different teams, brands should start thinking about how to [integrate social and email marketing]( in new and creative ways.This could be as simple as building [live social media feeds]( within emails and using them to engage email subscribers and drive further social engagement.It’s only when companies start focusing on social media and letting email marketing stagnate that an emphasis on social media strategy and investment becomes a problem. With [contextual marketing technology](, you can start creating emails with dynamic social content – building better, more personalized and targeted campaigns that are informed and engaged through social and drive revenue through email.**_![Contextual Marketing eBook](****_Download **our eBook, “****[Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Contextual Marketing](”**_** **_to learn how contextual marketing can work to create new opportunities for companies and reinvent marketing as we know it:_** [![Download!](](