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Email Spotlight: The Detroit Pistons

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For many brands, email is still used a static means of communication. For those in the sports marketing, this creates a unique challenge. The content fans want access to ages moment by moment. Ticket sales and game scores are hot news one minute and irrelevant the next.

This rules email marketing out for those without a dynamic, contextual platform. For an industry whose audience wants up-to-the-minute news, standard email content is pretty much outdated by the time you hit send.

But for sports and entertainment companies that are using real-time, contextual email platforms, email allows them to gives them the superior reach of email with the up-to-date data of an app.

For example, Palace Sports and Entertainment, the company that owns the Detroit Pistons, is sending a dynamic email to ticket holders a few hours before each game this season. The game score is updated every time the recipient opens or reloads the email. If a fan is stuck on line at the snack bar or restroom? No worries — they can keep track of the score in real-time on their phone. The email also provides live traffic information to help fans find the best routes in and out of the arena.

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The campaign – which the team calls a “real-time, dynamic second-screen experience” – is meeting the goal of increasing fan engagement before, during and after games. The results from initial tracking of the emails show:

  • 18% increase in click-through rate
  • 45% increase in engagement time
  • 49% increase in mobile engagement

“We always want to have a multichannel approach with, the mobile app, etcetera, but why not provide it, if we have the ability, within that email?” says manager of e-marketing Jason Scott, who adds that the stats continue to be strong, increasing slightly since the initial tests.

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