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Email Marketing for Media, Publishing and Entertainment

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Marketers in the media, publishing and entertainment industries have a tougher time than most providing the timely content their audiences want. The latest headlines, game scores and access to front row seats might be hot news one day and completely irrelevant the next.

So what’s a marketer to do when email production time alone can take days?

Contextual email that uses live data can provide up-to-the minute, personalized content. In a recent edition of our “Email Spotlight” series, we featured an inspiring example of live data in action by the Detroit Pistons.

Sports and entertainment brands can also drive ticket sales by offering real-time, interactive ticket services in an email—even encouraging upgrades by providing additional seat options that update each time the recipient opens the email.

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Our new email marketing playbook for media, publishing and entertainment offers more examples, as well as email tips and best practices designed specifically for today’s marketers. Download your free copy now.

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