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[eBook] Everything You Need to Know About Contextual Marketing

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Contextual marketing isn’t a fleeting trend. It’s an essential strategy for anyone using email marketing. Companies using email see ROI up to 4,300% – and contextual marketing can increase that return by more than double.

That’s why contextual marketing isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have for any serious marketer. Our latest eBook, Everything You Need to Know About Contextual Marketing covers, well, everything you need to know: from advanced tactics to examples from real brands to basic questions like, “What is contextual marketing?”

Here are just a few of contextual strategies you’ll learn:

  • Live data
  • Personalization
  • Live social feed
  • Weather targeting
  • Location targeting

… and a lot more! You’ll even learn how to use data to deliver the perfect contextual experience.

Download Everything Your Need to Know About Contextual Marketing now!

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