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Congratulations to Verizon and Peloton, Our 2018 Email Experience Council Award Winners!

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We’re thrilled to announce that our clients Verizon and Peloton have been named 2018 Email Experience Council Award winners!

What exactly is the Email Experience Council, you say?

The EEC is kind of a big deal. They’re the email marketing arm of the Direct Marketing Association and responsible for the Email Marketing Program Awards, which recognizes the most impactful email campaigns of the year. Campaigns are judged on their ability to assist the brand in achieving larger business goals and demonstrate innovative thinking in email communication and content.

Verizon and Peloton are receiving their awards today along with all of the 2018 EEC Email Marketing Program Award winners during a special luncheon at the DMA’s Email Evolution Conference in New Orleans.

Let’s take a look at the winning campaigns.

Verizon: Best Makeover of Existing Email Program

The VerizonMy Rewards+ team used intelligent content from Movable Ink to completely revamp their quarterly statement emails. They needed to ensure that these emails were well-designed, informative, interactive, and provided members with real-time customer information at the moment-of-open.

Here is the original, pre-makeover rewards email.

Iteration 1

The first round of changes involved a design overhaul with real-time loyalty information. This email is powered by an API that shows total reward points, quarterly activity points, how close users are to achieving various rewards, and a checklist of tasks the user has completed or has yet to complete.

Iteration 2

The second iteration of this campaign showcases an updated design.

Iteration 3

Compare iteration 3 to Verizon’s original email, and you can see how far they’ve come. This version features a checklist at the bottom that promotes a personalized way to earn more points. If a member has yet to go digital, they see the first checklist offering 500 bonus points. If they have already gone digital, they see the second checklist that includes other ways to earn points.

“By leveraging our partnership with Movable Ink, we transformed the My Rewards+ Quarterly Statement from just another basic email into something exciting and educational for our customers,” said Michael Habib, Channel Manager for Verizon My Rewards+ and Refer a Friend Programs. “We are able to bring real-time information and content into  email, and the campaign will only get better as we iterate and find new ways to communicate that drive customer engagement to new levels.”

Peloton – Most Innovative Use of Customer or Other Data, Including Automation and Triggers

Peloton did an incredible job engaging their community with this data-driven campaign.

Their goal was to  provide members with educational and interesting insights into their own workout behavior on a monthly basic. To do this, they leveraged Movable Ink’s intelligent content platform to build a custom API that references and pulls in various data points for each Peloton user at the moment-of-open to deliver an amazing “Month in Review” email.

“We wanted to provide our Members with a way for them to track their individual progress month over month as well as see insights into the Peloton community. By leveraging Movable Ink’s intelligent content platform, we were able to execute on this vision and create the ‘Month in Review’ email with very little monthly production time,” said Emily Rusch, Email Marketing Manager for Peloton.

A big congrats to Verizon and Peloton! We’re excited to continue working with both brands, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future.

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