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Congratulations to Coach and Pandora Jewelry for Being Named Finalists in MediaPost’s EIS Awards

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At Movable Ink, we’re proud to work with some of the most innovative brands in the world. We’re thrilled to announce that two of our clients, Coach and Pandora, have been named finalists in MediaPost’s EIS Awards in the category Email Marketing Creativity.

MediaPost’s EIS Awards recognize outstanding email marketing programs and initiatives undertaken by brands and their agencies.

According to research from a leading marketing solutions company, every dollar spent in email marketing sees an ROI of $38 (3,800%). The EIS Awards will honor those email marketers who are at the forefront of optimizing this powerful medium.

Coach: Finalist in Email Marketing Creativity****, Best Use of Dynamic Email Content and Transactional/E-Commerce

Best Use of Dynamic Email Content

In the Coach Dynamic Recently viewed Products campaign, Coach wanted to increase purchases from customers who had previously browsed products. The company called on Movable Ink to power a contextual email campaign that updated the content based on the customer’s shopping activity. Customers saw Version A if they had browsed products in the last 15 days. Other customers were shown Version B, a fallback banner that encouraged customers to visit the online store.


In the Coach Abandon Cart campaign, Coach attacked the problem of abandoned carts with a dynamic email campaign utilizing Movable Ink’s Behavioral App. Any shopper who abandoned a cart in the last 15 days could get a promotional email with a banner showing the abandoned product and a link to complete the purchase.

Pandora: Finalist in Transactional/E-Commerce

In the Pandora Jewelry Social Proof campaign, Pandora jewelry boosted sales by telling shoppers what other people were thinking of buying. Working with Movable Ink, it leveraged social proof to show the number of views on a category within seven days—i.e., “1,000 people are shopping for rings.” Pandora saw significant performance lifts in the social proof banners versus banners without social proof.

Click here to learn more about MediaPost’s EIS Awards.

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