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[Case Study] How Yard House Helped Guests Find Their Favorite Beers with a Localized Email Campaign

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Imagine receiving an email letting you know that your favorite seasonal craft brew just became available at one of your favorite local restaurants. You’d be pretty excited, right?

That’s the experience that American restaurant Yard House wanted to deliver to their guests. But with 68 locations – each with a rotating menu of craft beer – it would be a real challenge. With kegs tapping out at different times, each location would have a different selection of beer on tap. How could Yard House create an email campaign that could inform every guest in every location?

Any brand with customers in multiple locations knows how challenging it can be to deliver a relevant message to everyone at once – and doing it without creating dozens of versions of the same email.

Yard House knew they would need a next-level campaign that could deliver the most relevant and up-to-date beer menus to all of their guests.

That’s why they partnered with Epsilon and Movable Ink to create a localized email content with an up-to-the minute beer menu for every customer in every location.

Want to see how they did it? Download the case study now!

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