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4 Fresh Holiday Email Marketing Ideas

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Ready or not, the holiday season is almost upon us. If you’re still in need of holiday email inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Check out these four email marketing ideas designed to boost revenue and stand out in the inbox this holiday season.

Need more inspiration? Download our guide: Steal These 2017 Holiday Email Ideas.

Remind customers about their abandoned cart

According to Monetate, 75% of online shopping cart purchases are abandoned. Yes, you read that right. And considering that more people window shop online during the holidays, it’s likely that even more carts will be abandoned.

As a retailer, what can you do to remind your customers to complete their purchase? Combine the power of visuals in email with your abandoned cart strategy. Using behavioral marketing, you can automatically pull in images of the products your customer left in their cart.

This email example is doing exactly that. The sale prices are being updated in real-time as holiday promotions are updated on the company’s website. This ensures that your customers always see the most current holiday promotions and that your emails are always consistent with your website.

Keep your rewards members engaged

Year-in-review emails are the perfect opportunity to celebrate your biggest fans: your loyal rewards program members. This type of data visualization creates a customer-centric experience that tells the unique story of each person’s interactions with your brand.

In this example, a ticketing company is using customer data to celebrate several milestones that a customer had throughout the year. It’s detailed, engaging, and incredibly personalized. This tactic is ideal for your end-of-year email campaigns or post holiday email campaigns.

Find out what’s on your customer’s wishlist

During the busy holiday season, you’re competing for your customer’s attention in the inbox. Live polling is ideal for creating a personalized experience that will engage your customers and help you send content and recommendations they’ll actually want.

In this example, the company is is asking a customer about their top gift picks based on their past browsing history. The results of the polls are visible and update in real-time. The customer even has the option to share their choice on social to give friends and family a not-so-subtle hint. As a follow up, this brand could send a retargeted email based the customer’s choice.

Add a personal touch to your search retargeting emails

The travel and hospitality industry has a unique set of challenges when it comes to marketing, because pricing and inventory are always changing. Customers in search of hotel rooms or flights need a way to easily search and book their travel accommodations at the best price possible.

In this example, we’re automatically pulling a customer’s recent website search right into the email. The email displays all of their recent search criteria, plus a new low rate. They can also continue looking for other flights from their local airport if they choose.

Because this email delivers the latest prices right to the customer’s inbox, there’s no need to continue searching for flights on other websites. It’s ideal for people who just need a little nudge to complete their purchase.

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