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3 Dreamy Welcome Emails You Can Easily Re-Create

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When meeting someone for the first time, it’s all about that first impression.

And unless you’re on a blind date that’s gone awry, you want to make sure it’s a good one. This way, you get another chance to hang out, build a relationship and become lifelong pals.

The same also goes for businesses that connect with a consumer or email subscriber for the first time, too.

That’s right. Any impression – even one that happens via email – counts when it comes to building relationships with consumers.

Even if a new subscriber has already gotten a sense for your brand on your website, it’s up to you to ensure the experience remains consistent (if not better) when they open your email for the first time.

For companies that love sending emails, the welcome email is the big reveal moment when presenting your brand. It’s your chance to set the perfect mood, deliver the sweetest incentives and delight subscribers in the inbox.

So what does it take to create an engaging welcome email? Let’s take a look at these 3 dreamy welcome emails and how you can replicate their best elements in your own message.

Provide a warm welcome like Pinterest

When you think about it, your email list is almost like an exclusive club. Except anyone can join as long as they provide their information to do so! As a result, you want to make sure your new followers feel welcomed to the group. The best way to do so, of course, is to directly welcome them to your email list.

In this example below from Pinterest, they provide new subscribers with a big, bold welcome:

Image credit: Really Good Emails

For this email, the image is a thousand words. As you create or optimize your own welcome email, consider how you might be able to incorporate this message into your email.

While this colorful introduction works for Pinterest, consider your audience and brand. Depending on your content and where subscribers are joining your list, you might find that the welcome message is better suited for the subject line.

If you prefer a minimalistic, text-only approach, you can greet subscribers using first name personalization along with a simple phrase such as “Welcome to my email list!”

Another thing Pinterest does well? Introduce newcomers to the Pinterest group by explaining their lingo and helping them get started by exploring the site.

As you craft your welcome email, consider other barriers a newcomer might have when learning about your business. What kind of information can you share to make it easier for them to use your product or service? If anything stands out, include it in your welcome email!

Show your appreciation by sweetening the deal like Typeform

There’s certainly no shortage of email lists out there, so for a person to sign up to yours is a big deal! Your welcome email is the perfect opportunity to express your gratitude with a little something extra, such as a freebie.

Incentives and freebies are perfect for convincing on-the-fence site visitors to subscribe to your email list. If you offered one on your sign up form, your welcome email is where you want to make good on your promise.

If you didn’t offer an incentive, why not surprise new subscribers with a gift to show your thanks?

In this welcome email I received from the form builder platform, Typeform, they do just that in the first paragraph:

By offering a free month of the PRO version of their tool, they give customers a chance to immerse themselves in the product.

As you craft your welcome email, think about any incentives you might be able to offer to subscribers as a “thank you” for signing up. Whether it’s a discount coupon, exclusive free item or free, limited-time-only subscription, they’ll be thrilled to see you care.

Typeform also reminds me that I’ll receive emails shortly, includes a tip on how to whitelist them so I don’t miss a message and provides links to additional content to keep me engaged.

For your welcome email, consider other resources you can share to help new subscribers get started. If they’re new to your brand, this is a great time to guide them in the right direction as to what they should do next. Whether it’s sharing links to follow you on social channels, or a highlight of your top-selling products, make sure your welcome email isn’t a dead end for subscribers. They’re already interacting with your brand – so keep it up!

Delight with captivating images like ORU Kayak

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

With the right visual, you can capture your subscribers’ attention faster than you can say the word “welcome.”

In this email from ORU Kayak, the focal point is this lifestyle image of their product:

Image credit: Really Good Emails. Check out the live email here.

Even without the welcome discount code, the image is inspiring enough to an amateur kayaker like myself to click the link and browse their product line.

The key takeaway here? If you have a physical product, show it off with professional images. The more you can paint the picture of your subscribers with your products, the better.

If you offer a variety of products, you may want to highlight them as well. At the bottom of ORU Kayak’s welcome email, they provide links to their full line of kayaks, as well as gear like paddles and bags. This is an effective way to tell another side of their brand story that isn’t portrayed in the image.

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