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How Movable Ink’s Mobile SDK Makes Marketers’ Lives Easier

Blog title design reading: How Movable Ink's Mobile SDK Makes Marketers' Lives Easier
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Reach Effortless Mobile Marketing

There’s a good chance you’re reading this on your mobile phone. Why? Because like everyone else, mobile has become your go-to device for social media, reading, and—most importantly to marketers—engaging with branded content.

That makes enhanced mobile marketing crucial for every marketer. If customers have an unintuitive mobile experience, such as links leading to generic destinations or irrelevant messaging, they’ve already clicked out. The good news is, creating a seamless, personalized mobile experience that customers love is easier than you think. You just need a powerful Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK), like the one from Movable Ink.

You saw that one coming—but it doesn’t make it any less true. Let’s unpack the three ways the new Mobile SDK will make your life as a marketer easier: 

Enhance 1:1 Content Personalization

Customizing content based on consumer behavior is the holy grail of marketing. But to achieve that, marketers must be able to follow a customer's journey and deeply understand their changing preferences as they interact across channels - mobile included.

With the Movable Ink Mobile SDK, marketers can natively capture behavioral events from all mobile messaging channels. With this constant stream of first-party data on hand, marketers can easily target and retarget high-value actions across their mobile and email programs; think recent and most-viewed items/categories, recent searches and purchases, abandoned carts, and loyalty benefits. 

By leveraging these valuable sources of behavioral data, targeting logic is continually updated and improved, ultimately generating personalized experiences that captivate your customers. This is depicted in the example below, where Inkredible Retail chooses the most relevant insights from their plethora of data to power a highly personalized in-app message.

In-app message using the Movable Ink Mobile SDK

Say goodbye to clumsy custom codes and external APIs. With the Mobile SDK, marketers can streamline their customer event mapping processes and create relevant content faster than ever. 

Personalize From Start to Finish.

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Seamlessly Connect Customer Journeys

When customers click on content that piques their interest, they expect to be linked to that exact resource. If customers are instead rerouted to a generic landing page, their experience gains more friction and risks their valuable attention.

Up until now, marketers using Movable Ink deep linking have had to rely on custom codes and third-party platforms. That’s no longer the case. Now, marketers have enhanced dynamic deep linking support, where they can automatically route customers to specific locations.

Whether customers are moving from email to push, or navigating channels within the branded app, their journey is streamlined. Path to purchase or conversion is direct, and all unnecessary clicks are eliminated.

Gain Actionable Insights

In-depth website insights have historically been the bread and butter of what we do at Movable Ink. Understanding which content leads to which conversions is incredibly powerful, making it a must-have in the new SDK. Marketers can now natively track all conversion events that occur in the app.

Inkredible Outdoors in-app message

Take a look at this in-app message for a quick rundown on how it works. Once customers click into a piece of content, the deep linking functionality takes them to the exact item they want in the app. In that click alone, marketers are able to capture who they are and what campaign brought them there. Using the behavioral tracking, marketers will be alerted as soon as the customer converts, revealing the revenue that product generated along with its associated meta-data.

All of that information is automatically transformed into a custom report to show marketers what is and what isn’t working so they can drive additional improvements going forward. 

Customers that have just converted, are in the perfect position to engage further with a brand. Now, marketers can react instantly to deliver strategic content to those customers and apply this new information to future campaigns.

See a Lift in Success Without the Heavy Lifting

The Mobile SDK is a no-brainer for marketers. By powering hyper-personalized content, supporting a cohesive cross-channel experience, and offering deeper insights, marketers will be able to maximize the mobile channel with ease.

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