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Movable Ink Personalization Duos to Know and Love

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What’s better than a campaign that has one engaging, personalized element? A campaign that has two! These dynamic duos work together to bring marketing campaigns to life and leave customers hungry for more.

Abandoned Cart + Recently Browsed Module

Over 70% of customers abandon their online shopping carts. When a customer leaves an item waiting, it’s important to nudge them so they can easily pick up where they left off. It's common for a customer to browse one specific category of items depending on their needs, making a recently browsed module the perfect match for the abandoned cart banner.

The Inkredible Retail campaign includes an abandoned cart banner that indicates to the shopper how many items they left in their cart. Because they recently browsed travel gear, a hero image for suitcases displays and the top travel products are listed below. This reminds the customer about their abandoned cart, while also giving them the opportunity to increase their average order value.

Polling + Retargeting

Polling campaigns are not only a good way to increase engagement by gamifying the inbox, but they also allow marketers to gather zero-party data from their customers when they cast a vote. This data can then be used to retarget relevant content in follow-up campaigns, giving marketers insight into what their customers are most interested in. 

An initial Inkredible Financial campaign was sent out to gauge what their customers’ goals were for the year. Based on their individual responses, a second retargeting campaign was sent with resources to help them succeed.

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Social Proof + Recently Visited Module

Use FOMO to create urgency in marketing campaigns. Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they see other shoppers taking an interest in an item. This tactic can go the extra mile when used with behavioral data. If a shopper recently visited an item, a social proof email can be sent to prompt an action, whether it be adding the item to their cart or making a purchase. Personalizing based on individual shopping behavior is a simple way of making campaigns more effective. 

The social proof module in the Inkredible Retail campaign showcases a purse that the customer recently viewed, with no further action taken. Urgent messaging combined with how many people have viewed the item cues the shopper to make the next move.

Data Visualization + Image Personalization

Customers don’t experience data; they experience content. This being said, how can marketers incorporate useful customer insights that still engage and inspire? Year-in-review and month-in-review campaigns show customer devotion, but also build brand trust by showcasing accurate data in a way that is visually appealing. Because data visualization is specific to the customer, first-name image personalization is a crucial pairing.

When Alex receives his Inkredible Financial monthly investor snapshot, he knows it's specifically tailored to his personal journey because it recaps his experience. The numbers shared with Alex are easily digestible and matter most to his financial journey. This is an email Alex will begin to look forward to month after month.

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