Better Together: Movable Ink and Salesforce

Our newest integrations with Salesforce's Marketing, Data, and Commerce Clouds make it easier than ever to transform data into personalized content that drives revenue. Explore how to meet your audience's needs and interests while greatly reducing manual work.
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Movable Ink

Data-Inspired Creativity

People don’t experience data, they experience content. Movable Ink activates data into personalized content for use in email, mobile, and any digital engagement channel. It’s a powerful extension to the technologies that marketers use today. 

Our content easily connects to relevant data no matter where it lives, updates based upon a recipient's recent interactions, and is auto-generated by the platform at scale. 

With Movable Ink, marketers can finally put an end to the content bottleneck and never again fall short of meeting their customer’s evolving expectations.

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Explore the core capabilities that make our personalized content generation platform unique.

Automated Content at Scale

Automatically assemble unique, dynamic, images for each customer at the moment of engagement. Eliminate manual work needed to create multiple variations.

Activate Real-Time Data

Access, transform, and decision on any data from any source: zero, first, third-party, behavioral, and contextual. There is no need to manage profiles, segments, or lists.

Behaviorally Relevant

Make decisions based on data and the recipient’s recent interactions. Increase contextual relevance by targeting content based on a customer's individual attributes, such as onsite or mobile behavior, preferred location, and weather.

Automatically Generated

Gain production efficiencies through content auto-generated at scale. Streamline your lengthy production processes to deliver personalized content for every customer interaction.

Enterprise-grade Privacy, Security and Scalability

Movable Ink is committed to the continuous improvement of its data privacy and security controls. Data protection is at the center of everything we do. Every year we undergo annual third-party audits of our data privacy and security practices, policies, and procedures.  Movable Ink is ISO27001 and ISO27701 certified and undergoes an annual SOC 2 Type 2 audit.

To learn more about our commitment to data privacy and security, visit our Privacy, Security and Compliance page.

Our Clients See Massive Results

  • 40%

    Increase In Revenue
  • 40%

    Reduction In Production Time
  • 422%

    Return On Investment
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The Movable Ink Exchange is a collection of the most widely used and trusted marketing technologies, integrated directly into Movable Ink’s platform. It enables marketers to quickly unlock the value of their existing technology investments to generate personalized content. Each integration comes with a layer of reliability, support, and reference applications to give you peace of mind and to help you achieve marketing success.

  • Airship
  • Branch
  • Braze
  • Message Gears
  • Phrasee
  • Twillio Segment
  • upland localytics
  • Wunderkind
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