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[RESEARCH] Mobile Email Opens Hit an All-Time High in Q4 2014

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The endless march of mobile kept going right through the rest of 2014. According to our latest research, email opens on smartphones in the US are now at an all-time high. Not only that, the states that favor the desktop for email over mobile devices has dropped to nine, down from eleven compared to our Q3 2014 research.

About 50% of email opens now occur on smartphones. That’s right – not all mobile devices, just smartphones. Email opens on mobile devices now account for nearly 67% of all email opens, while just around a third of emails are opened on desktops.

Our US Consumer Device Preference Report Q4 2014 also uncovered some interesting findings such as:

  • The length of time spent reading your email varies significantly with device type
  • How Black Friday 2014 email opens and campaign times compare to Black Friday 2013
  • Which devices are most popular and which are falling out of favor, possibly to never be heard from again

Our research data aggregates findings from more than 190 enterprise B2C marketers from the retail, travel, financial, media, and telecommunications industries. Together, these findings account for more than 1 million email opens in Q4 2014.

Want to learn what was different about Black Friday 2014? How about whether iPhone users or Android users have a shorter email attention span? Those findings and more are available in the full copy of US Consumer Device Preference Report Q4 2014!


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