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Four Ways Movable Ink’s Enhanced Mobile Suite Elevates Mobile Experiences

Four Ways Movable Ink's Enhanced Mobile Suite Can Elevate Your Mobile Experiences
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Mobile is an immediate and intimate channel. And for today’s consumers, it’s the channel of choice. Want proof? In 2022 alone, customers spent over 108 BILLION hours shopping on mobile apps. And, as a result, mobile’s share of total company sales (versus desktop and in-store purchases) has jumped 47% in the last two years

Which is great news for brands like yours! Average order values on mobile have increased 23.6% since 2020, vs just 18.7 on desktop while cart abandonments are 70.6% lower on mobile apps.

Any way you slice it, mobile is not a fad. It is the future. And that future is here today. Here are four tips to make sure you're getting the most out of your mobile experiences. 


Meet Customers Where They Are

Mobile can mean different things to different people. Is it in-app messages? Is it mobile-app inbox messages? Is it rich push notifications? Is it SMS? Yes. Yes, it is. And while marketers understand all of the nuances involved with standing up each of these tactics — along with keeping the content consistent and connected between them — unfortunately, today’s customers don’t care. They simply want to engage in the way that’s most convenient for them.

Two out of every three consumers are opted in to receive push notifications. 70% believe that in-app messages, when done correctly, have the potential to add value. 91% are open to receiving text messages, and 48% prefer it over any other channel. If you have ever heard the phrase, to catch a fish, you need to fish where the fishes are... Well, mobile is where they are!

And that’s why we’ve expanded our mobile offering. In addition to support for Rich Push Notifications, In-App Messages, and Mobile App Inbox, with Movable Ink you can now inject 1:1 personalization into every SMS message you send. 

Here’s how. Rather than having to rely on text-only messages, or sending costly MMS messages that can only display static, one-size-fits-all images chosen at send-time, with Movable Ink you’ll automatically generate unique composite images (Link Previews) for each customer that combine and transform content and data from any source the moment that image is rendered. 

SMS, MMS, and Personalized SMS mock-up messages from Inkredible Travel

And by personalizing each message, one-to-one, and in the moment, our Beta Program participants saw an average of a 7.5% increase in click-through rate, a 17% increase in conversion rate, and a 14% increase in average order value - while also reducing opt-outs by more than 5%.

Add Value With Data-Driven Experiences

But simply being in the customer’s channel of choice is only half the battle. As brands, your success is directly tied to your ability to add value during every engagement in that channel. According to our latest research, over two-thirds (68%) of consumers say they are likely to be a loyal customer and/or purchase more products if a brand is engaging and builds a personal relationship with them.

So, how do you begin to build a personal relationship? The answer is data. According to Mckinsey, companies that leverage data-backed personalization can see revenues increase by more than 400% vs. organizations that struggle to activate their data investments. 

That’s why with Movable Ink’s new Mobile SDK you can now natively capture behavioral events on mobile apps — including searches, items/categories viewed, added to cart, abandoned, and/or purchased — then use this data to create sophisticated targeting logic and 1:1 behavior-based content across email and/or mobile campaigns.

For example, if a customer browses for a wool coat on your app, but then abandons it in their cart, Movable Ink can now capture that data on your behalf and use it to inform future content decisions. That way, rather than showing a generic product image during your next campaign, you can showcase the exact item that was abandoned in their cart instead. 

Mobile SDK example

And when three in five (61%) consumers say they are more likely to buy goods or services when a company has created a personalized experience based on their past behavior—this level of personalization is a no-brainer in today’s market.

Discover the Mobile Suite

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Seamlessly Connect the Customer Journey

Today’s consumers don’t tolerate awkward and disjointed customer experiences. In fact, conversion rates drop by more than 55% when a customer is brought to a generic destination versus a Product Detail Page aligned with the content on which they clicked-through. With so much on the line, streamlining the path to purchase is essential to ensuring continued success. 

And with Movable Ink’s Mobile SDK you can do just that. We now offer full support for dynamic deep linking via native, universal, and/or partner links so that you can seamlessly deep link from content in any email or mobile message to specified locations within your mobile app. Which, when done successfully, can deliver up to 6X higher conversion rates!

Movable Ink mobile SDK example 2

Here, we see a personalized message with a generic destination:

  • Product is shown to customer based on contextual, consumer and/or behavioral logic

  • All customers, no matter product shown, link to same generic destination

    • Disconnects customer experience with unnecessary clicks

    • Prolongs path to purchase with more steps and frustrating UX 

Movable Ink push notification linking to a personalized destination

With Movable Ink, we see a personalized message with a personalized destination:

  • Product is shown to customer based on contextual, consumer and/or behavioral logic

  • Customer clicks-through and is lead directly & seamlessly to the PDP page in the app

    • Seamless user experience

    • Direct path of purchase/conversion

Leverage Actionable Insights to Drive Continuous Improvement

While personalizing the customer experience is important, unless you’re measuring the impact of that personalization on conversions and using that data to drive future improvements, you’re falling behind. Businesses that leverage data-driven insights to improve future campaign personalization routinely deliver five to eight times the ROI on their marketing spend. 

To help you in your journey to data-driven marketing, Movable Ink’s Mobile SDK unlocks new levels of reporting, including conversion attribution, which allows you to see how many users converted on the mobile app, the associated email or mobile campaign that led to the conversion, the item(s) purchased and related fields, as well as the total revenue generated each day. 

That way you can identify commonalities between the campaigns that drive the most (or least) conversions on your app, and use this data to improve audience selection and/or develop new promotional campaigns going forward.

Take Your Mobile Experiences to the Next Level

Despite mobile’s promise, organizations still struggle to unlock its benefits. Even with our best efforts, 77% of consumers still find brand’s current mobile messages/notifications annoying. Combine that with the fact that consumers who have a negative experience on mobile are 62% less likely to make a future purchase—no matter how beautiful the marketing campaign was—and you begin to notice how much is at risk.

Luckily with Movable Ink for Mobile, you can transform your approach and scale true 1:1 personalization across all your mobile touchpoints. Click here to learn more about how Movable Ink’s Mobile capabilities allow you to streamline content production, maximize revenue, and create long-lasting loyalty within a highly qualified audience.

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