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Data-Driven Mastery: How to Craft Exceptional 1:1 Experiences Using Customer Data

Boost Data, Boost Engagement

Whether you’ve been a marketer for one month or ten years, you know that data is at the heart of a winning digital experience. By adding that personal touch, customers dial into your content rather than a competitor’s.

However, realizing the campaigns you envision can often feel out of reach, especially when key data is inaccessible or you’re lacking scalability for your content. But not to worry, because as each of these showstopping brands demonstrate—Belk, Amazon Media, New York Road Runners, Audible, and Rothy’s—personalized marketing experiences are within reach, no matter your current pain point. You simply need the right tools and tactics.

Belk’s Quick-Win Strategy

When Belk initially decided to step up their email game, the team knew they wanted to see an engagement boost straight out of the gate.

That made their FOMO driving Beauty Bash email the perfect choice. Even though the team started with little to no data integration for this first send, their time-targeting still produced a big impact. Using an easy breezy countdown timer and product reveals that went live daily, Belk’s customers were encouraged to engage.

Since then, Belk has reached data-driven success. They now have the ability to leverage customer information and automatically create data visualization modules, such as their personalized loyalty tracker.

Customers’ names and their available loyalty points are displayed, along with a bar chart that motivates them to chase the next reward threshold. Lastly, the product categories shown are personalized to customers’ recent behavioral data.

Amazon Media’s Game-On Messages

Amazon Media brings live games to the virtual screen, helping sports fans everywhere to experience the excitement of cheering for their favorite teams. One of their most notable messages was their dynamic Thursday Night Football campaign, which included a countdown timer and a live scoring module. The module was powered by the NFL API, which streamed real-time updates from pre- to post-game.

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New York Road Runners’ Race to Optimization

While New York Road Runners’ recipients aren’t racing every week, their marketing team still ensured that each pre- and post-race day message was personalized to a tee.

In the pre-race email, runners had an easy place to access all the information they needed, such as bib number, start time, and transportation options. In the post-race email, personal stats such as pace, finish time, fastest split, and more were all summarized. By displaying all of the data runners needed, New York Road Runners successfully encouraged engagement and UGC to be shared across social media.

Audible and Rothy’s Major Mobile Gains

To reach true data-driven mastery, you need your campaigns to live on email and mobile. The more touchpoints, the more accessible your brand is, a crucial factor for convenience-minded customers.

Audible proved that claim, as their mobile efforts drove triple-digit success. Through Audible’s quarterly activity summary—which highlighted listening time, favorite author, and longest streak—sent  via rich push, the brand saw 291% lift in CTR for Android users and a 400% lift in CTR for IOS users.

Rothy’s also got the mobile memo with their SMS campaign. By simply pairing a countdown timer with their SMS promoting a limited-time offer, Rothy’s drove a sense of urgency that inspired quick conversions. The timer constantly updated, so that whenever customers checked their messages they received an accurate display.

You’ve Completed Your Data Masterclass

As all of these leading brands demonstrate, data is the foundation of the most successful campaigns. Driving sky-high engagement through your campaigns is within sight, so don’t stop here; explore the related resources below, or see the power of Movable Ink in action for yourself.