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AI and Automation Is Our Technological Era

AI Is Everywhere

Everywhere you turn, AI is in the spotlight. From the news to the world’s biggest corporations publicly building out their own solutions, it’s clear that AI is top of mind for everyone. But on the flip side, the constant buzz makes it difficult for marketers to truly understand AI’s full potential and how it will actually drive tangible results for their business.

It’s time to move beyond the hype by unpacking three guiding principles for using the power of AI—an outstanding customer experience, increased productivity, and proven financial performance—and explore how AI has all the hallmarks of a true technological revolution.

Building Outstanding Customer Experiences

A “customer-centric experience” is a phrase that most marketers are very familiar with. It’s clear that the best marketing experiences are personalized and put the customer first, but in reality, crafting a highly tailored message for everyone is difficult.  

With AI, putting the customer front and center is not only easy, it’s automated. With every send, the AI gets to know each and every customer more deeply, building a nuanced profile that only grows more accurate over time. Using that knowledge, marketers can tell customers their story in the way that they want to hear it.

Another critical piece of an outstanding customer experience is a foundation of trust. In the midst of the exciting stories and promises of productivity gains, everyone has also heard of incidents where AI has dropped the ball. As a brand, these incidents erode integrity and must be avoided at all costs. Da Vinci AI always puts customer trust first by maintaining these three critical pillars:

  • Privacy is paramount, and customer data is separated from other companies’ and doesn’t become training data for a public model.
  • Transparency is key, which means that Da Vinci AI’s operations are transparent and bias-free, all while constantly looping in the marketer to verify its outputs.
  • Enterprise-grade security includes SOC2 compliance and ISO 27001 certification—maintaining maximum operational integrity.

Automate for Serious Productivity Gains

Marketers are known to be creatives, visionaries, and strategists. Yet, in the day-to-day, many marketers find themselves stretching themselves thin in an effort to get their campaigns out the door. With limited time and never-ending tasks on their to-do lists, creating that ideal customer experience feels out of reach through traditional legacy processes. 

This is why marketers need more from their current email program. They need the power of AI and automation to boost productivity across teams. Leveraging new technologies isn’t just for engineers, after all—it’s the path forward for marketers as well. By implementing a tool like Da Vinci, marketers can see a 40% increase in productivity.

Proven Financial Performance

No matter how new and shiny, every marketing tool is ultimately evaluated by the revenue it drives. If a tool isn’t powering you towards your yearly KPIs, it needs to be rethought.

In the same way, AI should optimize for financial performance–think increased revenue, higher conversions, stronger subscriber retention…the list goes on. Across the board, Da Vinci proves its worth in this category. In a rolling 12-month average, Da Vinci has powered an average of 20% in conversion lifts, 27% increase in revenue, and a total of 1 trillion AI impressions. This is the type of track record marketers should expect from their AI.

Drive Game-Changing Customer Growth

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AI is the Next Technological Revolution

With these three tenets, AI sounds like an undeniable choice on paper. But how does it measure up to the specific pain points your brand is facing, especially in today’s economy? While global sentiment has felt negative—navigating inflation, awaiting interest rate cuts, feeling the weight of uncertainty— marketers before us have lived through similar global climates. Something that helped them navigate those choppy waters? Technological advancement.

Martin Guitar’s Technological Success Story

Let’s take the story of the Martin Guitar company. Born in 1796, their founder C.F. Martin began the company when guitars were still a relatively new instrument. Despite several guild wars, His small shop continued to grow beyond his lifetime, and by the early 20th century, Martin Guitar had expanded its distribution by smartly using print advertising. In the decades following, celebrity endorsements and television marketing were added to promotional efforts.

Above: From print catalogs to Kurt Cobain on MTV

But as we all know, this period also saw two world wars that led to ramifications no one could expect. Manufacturing slowed, and sales dried up. Yet, Martin Guitar is still thriving today and boasts the most expensive guitar sale to date—what led them through this tough period?

Technological advancement. From phone orders and guitar music dominating radio waves, to websites and today’s digital marketing channels, Martin Guitar has survived periods that were extremely trying on businesses everywhere. Being quick to adopt smart technology is what saw them through every hill and valley.

Marketing AI: The Next Success Story

You don’t have to go back as far as the 19th century to see the incredible impact of technological growth. Think of how far we’ve come just since the 1990s—the rise of the internet has completely shifted how we interact with brands and each other. An expectation of instant, omni-channel service has become the norm.

We are currently ushering in the next technological revolution: the Age of AI. But at this point in time, AI use is still nascent. It requires innovative change-makers with the foresight to champion AI in its early stages. At Movable Ink, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of these tenacious marketers who choose to take the extra step to integrate AI into their business processes. 

When asked why they’ve chosen to take the plunge with AI, we heard several inspiring answers, such as solving long-standing pain points or scaling truly next generation personalization. Though the answers varied, the broader focus of innovation and growth remained the same. One quote from a particular marketer summed it up well:

“There’s the driving force behind me to always grow in whatever I’m doing. The only possible way you can grow is to be in a state of change — a state of uncertainty. If we get comfortable and always know what we are doing — we’re not learning, and not growing. I think change is the catalyst to growth.” 

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